Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 501: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

I have not done a side by side comparison in a long time. This one was a shocker. I have a lot to be grateful for and a lot to keep moving forward with!
Adam sent me the "day one" pic as a reminder a week or so ago and we took this "progress pic" on wednesday. It was like he was reading my mind that day he sent me the the first one as I was hearing a lot of "old tapes" in my head and thinking I had not progressed very much and was "fat".

It is amazing how the mind can be such a powerhouse of both negative and postive. The picture came to my phone with "I am proud of you and all you have accomplished" as the note. I was humbled with this from someone who has helped me so much, but also, was overwhelmed with how "on time" the message was. How much I needed to hear it. How rich and how powerful it was at that moment.
It was a great reminder of what power I have, we have, to effect each other with something as simple as a "proud of you" or "thinking of you" or something positive. Or how what I do that is not so positive has the opposite effect.
Today on my status I said I was "shaking my shoes off and moving on and away from those who would harm me or be negative". I was referencing Mark in the bible where it talks about those who will not hear the gotta just shake it off and move on! I cannot spin my wheels on those who want to be ugly, deceptive or mired in the negative. I CAN be loving and compassionate..but there a difference in getting mired in another's negativity and accepting that which I cannot change lovingly and moving on. There are too many things, blessings, opporunties for LIFE to let that happen (well, to let it happen more...LOL!)

So much to be grateful much to live continue live!

This week I have tried to get back to some basics: my work outs in the mornings and cardio in between. I have also been doing the custom fit meals and they are great. They force me to try diffferent things and I have not had one yet that was not good..and most are delicious. All are right on when it comes to filling and they are amazingly balanced and none would be considered "diet food".

While I eat well in many ways what I still struggle with is habit eating. I have to get this one. This is the one that is the biggest challgenge for me. What I know though, is that when I am ready, it will happen.

I am off to enjoy this weekend!

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