Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 504: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

It was in 1990 I think that one of my spiritual advisers told me "the only thing you can EXPECT is change. Understand and accept that, learn how to go with that and His will, and you will have a long and happy life". Well, to be honest, I come from a long tradition of what I let go off having claw marks on change was not one of the best things I accepted well. But over the years, I ahve learned that by giving up control..I gain power. By becomeing "powerless" and trusting and having faith in a power much greater than myself, I actually accomplish and am able to do more. My role is to do the footwork, show up, listen, trust, follow my gut. Change happens every minute of everyday..sometimes in small ways, sometimes in huge ways..but it happens..and when it does, the pain or the pleasure, the agony or the ease involved in it is completely an totally up to the amount of resistance I put into it or against it.

This has been true of this part of my journey for health and welleness, for losing weight, for all these changes. It is not so much the effort, but the resistance to it. I hear so much how folks "hate this" or "hate that" about foods that are healthy or exericing.....but that is resistance..that is obstinence..that is pushing against that which, ironically, in the end will make me feel better. Over time, just giving in..showing up..and trusting what I am told and making the "change" is what gets me through to the other side. That powerlessness...that sense of "I don't know what to do, but someone, something else does..and I can trust that and give myself over to it" and be filled with empowerment as a result for a whole new life..a whole new way of living...what a blessing!

A change has come for our Adam this week when he was given the opporuntity to go in to work with Nick and Wanda Kentrolis over at Crest Fitness. Today was the first day I worked out there and I am so very excited!

Let me back up to explain a full picture of this connection. When Windell passed and I got involved in the Heart Associaiton, I remember going to this holistic health fair on racine and there was this body builder there who was really psyched about not only the Heart Walk but our Mayor as well. He was an amazing person and wanted to get involved. He had a tent and I never saw anyone more upbeat and engaging and just driven to be invovled. He was dedicated to Wilmington like no other. Well, as things go, it was Nick and he sponsored a team each year for the heart walk and sang the Star Spangled Banner and he and Wanda would come to the Heart Ball and I came to find out that they owned this fitness club.

When I began my journey, he became one of my biggest cheerleaders. Never once did he worry that I was at another club or not using him as a trainer, he was just pscyhed that I was living this life, and every step of the way he was supportive. What I loved about he and Wanda though, as i learned more about them, was that they are from here and that they are LOCAL business owners..involved in the community and give as good as they get. Lately we have been in there a lot since we have been doing dinners with Mike Clay and Custom fit meals (and we love them) and that was another thing we LOVE about Crest is that they were offering that too!

If you all have read ANYTHING in this know I love me so local businesses..from Shawn Spencer at Bike Cycles to Dave Boseman with New Balance, Boseman's and Good Life to Ashe with all his Restaraunts to Jeff and Shannon with Pita Delite..these are the life blood of our community...and for me personally..they have been my "family" as I have gotten healthier.  So, when Adam was looking to make the next step in his own career..this was a no brainer...and now he is there with more opportunity and a chance to do more and grow..and so one of the best couples in Wilmington have truly the best and hardest working trainers..with the biggest heart and a truly dedicated fitness expert joined with them...this will truly make an unbeatable team.

It is Change..and change is is good when, in particular it is for good people who do do much good... Now I get to actually SEE my friend DEBBIE who Nick works with..maybe I get to see my friend Kiki! :) and this morning already I saw some men from my church! :)...but most importantly..that feeling of family that I have found in all of this journey continues.

I will always be grateful for every step of my journey and as things change, I don't forget where I come from or brought me, as Lousie says, "to the dance"...but I Thank God each day for the miracles and the blessings that unfold and am glad for the sight to see them, the heart to feel them, and the soul to embrace them.

thanks be!

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