Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 613: Greater than through love and support

I ran from the house to the beach and back today...another goal down! :) It was so wonderful in this fall Sunday! I did take a break once i got to the beach and hung out for a meeting to nurture my spirit, and then hauled tail back. It was amazing!

...I, Bo Dean, ran to the beach and back! that is something I never thought I would be saying! I certainly did not think I would be writing about it on the same evening (would have assumed I would be soaking in a tub from aches and pains after such an endeavour)...but I am awake...spending time with some housework done today afterwards, actually saw one of my favorite artist's in the world, Elizabeth Darrow showing at the Property Shop this afternoon..and this evening stretched out a little on a new path I have been wanting to do.

I am not bragging..I have taken steps to get here. I have followed the advise I have been given and I have listened and I have shown is like most things that have brought success to my life...oh..I listened..and I showed up. I listened and I showed up. Amazing how that works!

I am ready to do this for some other areas of my life..but for my physical self, I have been wanting to incorporate Yoga into my life for sometime. I just cannot make the time to go to classes and the books don't really make a lot of sense for me. I have watched on facebook the progress of a friend and mentor of mine that I have known for 23 years as he has been down in Mexico going through training to become a practitioner of Yoga. It was so exciting to see him on his journey and to literally see the light that has always been inside him become brighter as he continued to evolve in his educational and spirtual journey.

I asked him if he would help me by designing a routine that I could do each day in addition to my workouts and cardio and without hesitation he sent one to me. I am not able to do all of it yet, but what I was able to do felt so wonderful...I particularly like the rocking back and forth in between each move and pose. There was something very nurturing in it.

Part of doing this is for superficial reasons..I like what i see in those who practice yoga and I want to be as flexible as I possibly can be to continue to grow and be healthy (particularly given my age)..but I want also what I see in those that practice in deepening my connection spiritually and mentally. I need to connect more and to have that time and I know enough of myself to know that just sitting still is not as likely as moving through a routine that embraces some activity with connection. I am so grateful to Karl.

So, today, it was a good day. Time with me, my higher power, sharing both with others, my beloved, and nurturing the things that are truly the most important....a well lived day. Cannot ask for better or for more!

thanks be!

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