Friday, September 02, 2011

Day 570: Greater than through love and support

I love surprises...most of the time! then there are those surprises that come with ropes dangling from the ceiling and maniacal grins from skinny, muscular faces looking at me as if I am the condemned in some kind of bastille day re-enactment and this is the last round of torture for the gaurds before the big release.

Oh was "new" learning day at training this morning and as Adam so proudly displayed on his status..I had my a** kicked! But not by the usual transformer-looking machines or dumbells being hurled through the time it was just a bunch ropes with handles that looked like the last 1970's Larry Flynt fun room. But, fun, not so much! :) This my TRX..

I have not clue what it stands for..I frankly am too tired even to come up with a name for it..but I know, in all seriousness that it stands for the next level in my fitness training.

And aside from my hyperbole and over the top descriptions, I am excited about it. For two reasons: 1.) had, a year and a half ago, I been placed "on the ropes", so to speak, of these things..I would have FAILED..walked away and never come back. But this morning..I walked into that room with a confidence I have never had before and I was ready to try something new. Frankly..I was ready to try anything..because a.) I trust Adam enough to know he would never let me get hurt and b). I am healthier and more capable and can do more and am up to the challenge. That is an awesome feeling.  2.) and the second reason that I was excited was that I WANT  a new challenge.

I am by no means bored by my work outs..but i WANT to see what I can explore and learn and go places I have not been before and use different things to get the results that make me feel healthier and stronger. It is not about being scared anymore..or being intimidated..hell. BRING IT ON! :)

Now, we just started with this this morning on some very basic stuff, so I really cannot go into detail yet. But i will share more when i learn more. More than anything I am psyched about not being afraid to do something different. To get out of my comfort grow.

Funny, that seems to be a theme lately..growth.

At work (not in my department, but around me), so much is changing. It just hit me that I am being presented, metaphorically, with ropes that appear like those torture mechanisms latley. They aren't really different than what I have always had, they are just presented by different people in different ways..and sometimes they "hurt" a little. I have to adapt to them in order to grow. I have to figure out a way to exercise with them and excel in order to get the best results. Being resistant, seeing the mechanisms for "training" as a threat only breeds hostility. Seeing them as an opportunity to be better...well, that is the way to challenge and maybe do better and get more for the things I value most.

God, I love this blogging mess..It helps me to think and get out what is sometimes so muddied in my head...

that said..I am looking forward to a long weekend...and thanks be!

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