Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 590: Greater than through love and support

Is it thursday? really? Lord have mercy it just goes so fast! LOL!
This week has been amazing and VERY busy! but I was running the other night and I remembered something that came up in my mind when Adam first approached the subject of runnning I swore I was going to tell on myself and write it down.

So, in the late eighties, I was watching "Designing Women" and Julia Sugarbakker took up running with some of her friends. She got very competitive as was her propensity in most matters and the "moral" of the story was that her competitive nature was hurting more than her "moral" standing as "running" was, as they said, bad for her and bad in general for knees and ankles., I let that story..that friggin sit com get into my head and for two decades..almost three went around talking about running being bad for you because of what JULIA SUGARBAKKER HAD TO SAY ABOUT IT ON DESIGNING WOMEN!, I am not lying..I am telling the truth.

Why am I telling you this? Well, it is another way that misinformation got into my mind and ultimately kept me from something that could not only help me but has shown me a great peace, a great freedom..a great joy! Hell, it shows me that not doing my homework, not looking into what was right for me and what works for me can really have a deleterious effect on my health..and for a long time!

I remember that when Adam started talking to me about running, I immediately came up with "but my ankles..running is not good for me"..and I remember him saying..."where did you hear that"...and I have to admit that at first I just did not know..but when I figured it out...I was just to embarrassed to say. So, when I was running the other night..when I was feeling how amazing it was to RUN and to feel that freedom..and I remembered good ole Julia Suggarbaker running back into her big ole southern living room...I had to laugh. But laugh realizing that I cannot allow, ever, anecdotal information to inform me on my own health. Not to mention that no matter how much I now WANT to be healthier, I am still dealing with an old habit that is in my thinking still....see there was that person back in the last eighties listening to Julia Suggarbaker that was looking for a reason NOT to exercise. NOT to run when my friends where running. There was that part of me that was looking for an answer that would satiate my own desires to NOT have to do things that would make me change behaviors or do things for myself. See, that is the part of my mind that can and does justify all sorts of things that can hurt me...and no, that is not what I want and I have to recommit to each and everyday.

So, just for today, I have to let Julia Suggarbaker be a remnant of my tv past and turn to my friend Adam for expert advise....but moreover...turn now to my own experience of running and feeling that freedom and realize that doing what is right for me takes understanding how to do it..and how to do it for me...and then doing it...that is what has transformed my life...and tonight I am so grateful for it!

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