Monday, September 05, 2011

Day 573: Greater than through love and support

This has been an amazing weekend...I guess yesterday was one of the bigger moments though:
I ran from our house in College Acres to Wrightsville beach. Yep! It was amazing. I got out for a run and wanted to do the Eastwood Road trail and I thought about it and realzed from our house to Rogersville road was a little over 2 miles. If I did that distance again, i would be close to the beach and since I have been running a four mile trail from time to time around UNCW, why not.
It felt great! I honestly did not really feel it until I hit the draw bridge. Even then I only felt it in my toes. My legs were in great shape. The cool part was that as I was running, Adam and Koral passed was nice to see them and share that moment.
I crossed over the bridge..and it was STUNNING. The boats going out, the beauty of the intracoastal...along the way, it was like this...intermittent trees and landscapes and I was running! running through all of it!
I got close to the beach and did the following video:

Here is the link:

But as soon as I hit the sand, I called michael. For me it was a moment that I never dreamed last year when I biked to the beach for the first time. Imagine, last summer, biking to the beach was a milestone...and now I do 20 miles plus on my rides. This year, I ran it.

The moment was made even more special becuase as I am sharing with Michael the victory of the moment, I asked him to come and pick me up, but to bring my canteen when he came becuase I had not brought water or a wallet and really needed to hydrate.

A woman and her children nearby must have heard me talking to Michael and the next thing I knew she was handing me a bottle of water. It was the coolest thing in the world. So very special and the water tasted better than any i have had in a long time. It was water given so freely from a stranger who was, in some way, celebrating with me...connecting with my victory. It was just precious and something I treasure more than I can say.

I walked to the water and soaked my feet in the surf. It felt so good that I had brought myself her...but on the support, love and good energy of so many...
I did call Michael to get me because I have learned that while i can push myself more even after the point of achieving something is best to take it a step at a time. No need to go from 4 miles to 11 in one day. I had already taken my 4 mile run to 5.8 to get to the beach and so not to step on that victory by hurting myself, I made sure to take care by riding back. The return trip will come. That is something to look forward to. It was 5.8 miles in 1 hour and 15 minutes. But moreover, it was so much more!

Today, well, i have a little bug in me that is not so fun. But I am physically well..and mentally..mentally and physically I am just amazing by the weekend as a whole.

I do got to be the guest speaker at Adam's Heart Healthy Fit Camp. It was so special.
 As I have said, I will go anywhere, anytime to share my story. But for this, this was a direct outcome of all of this goodness. I got to talk to the members of the Adam Freeman Healthy Heart Fit Camp! Adam has donated his expertise to anyone that wants to come, as long as they donate to the Heart Walk, for eight weeks, to learn how to get healthy! 
 Adam has enlisted the help of three other trainers to help out as well who have donated their time with him to do this. As with my own learning, stretching is a key to growth and to not getting hurt. Chantay, who teaches as Crest leads the warm up and is such a spirit of joy and positiveness!
 a couple laps around to start to warm up. This group has folks from low thirties to as much as in their 60's and for many they have never run..ever. Look at them now! (including my own wonderful Michael!)
 Adm shows and demonstrates each exercise for the group and shows how to make it happen safely and also gives the alternatives so that everyone has the opportunity to participate. So if you cannot do a full push up, he shows what you can do to start with.
 and this camp, there were 10 stations set up. Each person did the exercise for 40 seconds with a 20 second rest and then move on to the next exercise. All parts of the body were being exercised and there were ways for each person to be successful with Adam and the assistant trainers on hand to work with the group.
 When you got past the 10th station, you hopped on the bike. There were two teams and the team with the highest mileage on the bike won..but we were all winners! YOu should have heard this group supporting each other, yelling for the best results for each person. It was SOOOO awesome! and they were there to learn and to grow..but they were helping EACH OTHER! they were greater than through love and support of each other! It was stunning to witness and to be a part of!
Crest Fitness stepped up to allow the camp to be at their fitness center and for each of the participants to use their facilities for free and there are guest speakers and experts helping EACH week with those attending FOR FREE! just helping folks get involved and get healthy!
This week's guest health person was Jessica Cooper who demonstrated Thai Yoga exercises and how to be more flexible and manage growth and strength and all of it. She is and was amazing! She is a private massage therapist and does these classes for all kinds! You can sense from her a positive spirit and someone who is connected and truly giving. Again, she did this for the class at no charge!
 Talk about amazing! NO ONE in this community gives and does like this! It is stunning!

Talk about amazing! NO ONE in this community gives and does like this! It is stunning!
There is not a program of giving that can even touch this one. You may say I am prejudiced because Adam has done so much for me and he and I are friends. But NO ONE in Wilmington has given like this to help more folks get healthy...and Adam, with Nick and Wanda at Crest, these co-trainers, and all these guests...they GET IT. Yep, they make their living at this. But they truly believe that healthy hearts and healthy living is important..and they want to see folks successful.

That is what I saw on Saturday morning..and those are the giving...people that I revere the most. You don't need a ton of money to give. You don't need even a ton of time. Just giving your own talents. Giving what you know. Being available for something good. That is Philanthropy. That is LOVE, FAITH, and CHARITY. It is what I live to celebrate and what I love more than I can say because at the end of the day, when we are dust. what I have left in this world have nothing to do with the physical things I collected..eventually all that will turn to is what I did with others, for others, and yes, how I treated myself that counts and counted. I know that now and that awareness grows each and everyday.

I guess, I am going on and on about it right now becuase there is so much that can absorb me, around me that is negative, locally and throughout the world. Staying connected to this goodness..taking care of myself so that I can be more connected with things and issues that are important to me and that are part of things that I value..well, that is grace. Absolute and beloved grace.

Thanks be for grace!

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