Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 586: Greater than through love and support

So I am trying to start an internet craze...a little self serving..but one that I hope takes off. 

I, from time to time, really enjoy shouting out on my status something wonderful about the people that I love and that i admire. But this week, I was running the trail and I happened on Dr. Dan Johnson as he was riding his bike home. I slowed down and as i did he grinned from ear to ear and said that he has just gotten two more donations for the Miracle Field at Olsen Park in excess of 20k.

Now, that might not sound as impressive to corporate fundraisers or to folks in the profession who do this for a living, but Dan is a professor of Health and Applied Human sciences at UNCW and and he another dear friend of mine, Dr. Candy Ashton, focus on the accessibility to parks and recreation to all people...the disabled, the differently abled..they have spent their careers on this and they are amazing.

But what is so special about dan is that I remember about 6 years ago when he came to the Parks Advisory board with the idea of a hard surface ball field in which wound warriors, people in wheel chairs, all people, children and adults could have access to the same games and recreation that so many enjoy and take for granted. Gary Shell, the visionary that he was, was thrilled, and we were all moved. Gary saw this at the park that has become the joint city county park, olson..but it was Dan and this HUGE dream that moved if forward. Mind you there was and is NO funding for this. that did not hinder of stop dan. He assembled a group and they are on their way towards the million bucks in this economy. See, they are believers in something good, something lasting, something that transcends politics and "stuff" and they are working on that end for HEALTH AND WELLNESS for ALL people.

So, I was thinking about Dan..and the biggest thing that came out about him, was how humble he was. So like my friend Gary..and I was at the least going to say, out loud, NOW, while he was and is on this earth, how special he is!

This moved me to want to start this movement: I Spy. is not just the Dan Johnson's of the world. Why not use my status on facebook to share about the cahier at the grocery store that takes such good care of me named Ms. Sarah or Ms. Gloria at the Dry Cleaners. Why not talk about the woman that I know who makes so many meals for Interfaith and tends to homeless families. Why not use my status to talk about the attorney that I know did pro-bono work for a couple seeking adoption. See what I mean.  I figure if this takes off, then we will have status after status, after status of the "good news' about each other.

I guess, I am on this for a lot of reasons. First and most importantly because I see and experience so much good everyday and want to share it. But second to that is that in our media and in our social media there is so much negative. So much that is about personal lives. Hell, we publish mugshots of people BEFORE their trial as if they were indeed convicted of crimes and I know plenty of people who just LOVE to search those pics. We live for the juicy photos of fallen politicos. The Perez Hiton's of the world. We chase down the dirty details of the private lives of those we feel are so powerful or important. I have seen so many status's regarding yelling or decrying this service person or that service person who somehow inconvenienced us. So much fills our virtual and printed space with negative that is almost accepted. It makes something good, something well done seem rare or special. I want good and special to be the there is a lot of least some balance.

I think the last reason is the worst for ME of all. It is the way we talk and share about each other. We "bless the hearts" of people to death, but we love to share a good story about the tragedy of others. Oh, I know there is sometimes real sincerity in our talking about and sharing sympathy for the pains of others. But let's be honest. Why are we talking about it? I have to check my motives. If I occupied my time with talking about the good that I see, I would not have time for the other. I am very guilty of the former. Sharing my angst about someone. It is not something I want to do or want to be a part of...and it is up to me to do better. At the root of it I usually find fear, jealousy, anxiety, insecurity, something within me that spurs this on and that is not what I want.

I remember daily that I am a three fold being: physical, spiritual, mental. If I am truly to be healthy..if my insides and outsides are to match, this has to be a part of it.

So, I will shout the good news, put the bad where it belongs (in the hands of God)...and maybe, just maybe this will catch fire on the internet and we will all be in the proverbial station wagon playing a game of "I Spy" on this long, but amazing trip!

here is the link to "like" I Spy"

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