Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 565: Greater than through love and support

I really do get why preachers get fat. Lord, the food at weddings! I was honored to officiate at another wedding this evening (sat) and true to form, the food was amazing. This wedding was a little different than the last though in that at 5:30 this morning we had hurricane force winds in the area and the wedding that was planned for this weekend, complete with decent down a staircase at the family home under oak trees by masonboro sound was just not gonna happen with a hurricane 70 miles off shore.

What i loved about the couple and about the occasion was that they looked at the situation, they reassessed what they could and they could not do and they adapted to what WAS in front of them and they had, truly, one of the most special weddings you could have ever asked for. They had acceptance. As a result, so much joy, so much goodness came out of this evening...and so many were able to join in and celebrate...that is BEAUTY...that is what it is all about. 

Once again, it was an be able to stand with a couple as they make their commitment to one another...but on this occassion, as we were still dealing with the effects of a hurricane, it was just nice to stop and celebrate love. Honestly, I think that when you get down to it that is what weddings really are, if they are not a self indulgent social/business endeavor. They are just a way to stop all that is going on and for a few hours focus on the connections that we can make with each other, eat things we traditionally run from becuase of trying to stay healthy (we feast!), and shut out all of those things that day to day invade our world in negative ways...and we just focus on essentially what is important....the love we share with each other.

In that room tonight I saw friends that I have not seen in a while. I actually had a chance to talk to someone that who I have felt disconnected from and with and work through that a little, share some time with people I admire, hug, laugh, and beam at Leigh and Randall, the couple getting married, and watch them enjoy their day.  While there were little things that happened in the evening that tried to creep in other aspects of what we deal with in people and situations who were not focused on celebrating, those things never took over, and we had an evening to just feel love. That was the celebration. that was the time.

Imagine taking time to have a "wedding" at least once a week. Time, at least once a week to have a "feast", however that is defined for us.  Connect or at least acknowledge the ones we love, focus our attention on love and relationships in deep and meaningful ways. Have a day to dance, even if we are on our own, and to listen to beautiful music, have a flower or two to brighten up the place..just one day a week to really focus...celebrate what is truly the only lasting and the only truly important thing we have in our lives and our

I have a feeling that if we did this...If all if us did this, it would change us and the world around us significantly. I have no doubt about it.

Now, I am off to "feast" this weekend needs a little balance! LOL! but it was worth every bit!

Thanks be!

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