Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 556: Greater than through love and support

So I vlogged on Satruday as I was leaving one event and heading out for another. I am sorry..vlogging just sounds inappropriate. But, here is the link:
I was pretty overwhelmed as I left the MLK Center. It was so very special. Sandra McClammy is one of those amazing souls that just makes good things happen. I have known her as long as I have been in Wilmington. In fact she won the UNCW Employee Excellence Award adn the Governor's Award when she worked at UNCW and then set out to 97.3 with Brandon Hickman (Big B) and they have done nothing but good ever since. So for 6 years they have been doing this Teen Summit..and for six years they have made a difference in the lives of these children! To be there was to witness just simple, good old fashioned goodness. Very cool.

But it hit me who was not there. Who was not in a lot of places where this kind of thing takes place on a saturday morning. Oh, I know..we all are busy..many have their own children to deal with and so much, so many things....but then again...we all have so much and so many things. It took exactly one hour on saturday morning to "show up" in that room. It took 1/2 that to just sit down and talk to the kids. I learned a great deal in that 1/2 hour..and maybe they got something from me. But it was one hour. hour and half. But, it was a short time. Imagine giving an hour a week to an activity that feeds each other's sucess. Something that makes a differnece. An hour that might otherwise be spent watchign tv or just doing nothing. An hour. I know that I keep focusing on that...but it is real. I keep hearing that folks don't have time for this, that and the other...but we do. we do have time...adn the difference..the simply is. the soapbox. It was special! I left there adn went to teh Fit Campt that Adam is giving for the Heart Walk...15 people have signed up adn more on the way..but 15 people! that is amazing! and crest stepped up to let these folks use their facitilies while this is going on...just one blessing after amazing chance to make a difference after another..good things!

I ran so well after all that..a storm was coming and the breeze was amazing on me...4.1 miles around and it was lovely! What a perfect day!

thanks be!

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