Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 562: Greater than through love and support

Started off the morning right. Today and Monday I did my routine on my own. I say "on my own", but let me qualify that by saying that what I was doing was prescribed by Adam and because of him showing me what to do, how to do, and how to be safe at it...I could be successful.

But that said..what was really amazing....and I know it really should not be amazing..but what was really awesome..was that throughout the routine, I never once cheated..I never once did less reps than were prescribed..and I heard something in my head that was just so incredible:

I was finishing lunges..which are HARD (make no lightness on these..and they take lots of effort and I dread them) buthen I finished the third round, and I had kept the pace so that I was steady, I moved my leg out far enough to get a good stretch, and I kept my hands to my side with the 20 lbs weights to stay steady, I heard me say to myself "good job". I was encouraging ME. None of that "you can't" in my head. None of that "wish it was over"

I heard and I felt in me a sincere appreciation to and for myself for a job well done. Folks, that is a BIG change. Make no mistake, I love myself as a child of God. I have learned over the years to think more positviely and to be better to myself..but this, this was sincerely a moment of change. It is almost hard to describe...because it was like what i have said about other things...where I have been in a group of people who said "we will love you until you can learn to love yourself" and I did.

Well, in this realm..Adam has given me so much and it has been his voice that i look to to say "good job" "well done"...and his friendship is a gift I am so grateful for. But today, it was me saying that to me! From inside my soul. What a powerful thing!

Make no mistake, I need my support system, but I am growing and today was a growth for me. It was a sense of self I have not really felt. Perhaps making a big deal out of finishing a workout on my own and encouraging myself seems like being over the top..but for me, it is another blessing. And I am not about to go without acknowledging my blessings. They are, all of them are precious...

thanks be!

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MamaK said...

I get it. So much love.