Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 559: Greater than through love and support

It is Sunday and folks are gonna be here in just a few for a neighborhood BBQ. I went for run before and just got in. I am sitting here at Papa's desk and I looked up in the mirror and there was this man staring back at me....and there was the coolest feeling I have not had in years: I liked, physically, what I saw. No..this is not Narcissus! LOL! it was just a nice feeling to SEE me and to not be repulsed...or spend the time looking at me trying to hold my head just right so that I could deny the folds, the expanse...the damage that I was doing to myself. This came at a moment when I was looking at something on my laptop and in the back ground was "May the circle be unbroken" by Johnny cash, and It hit me how bountiful my life is with love, friendships, so much goodness. Certainly this life is forged in fire often, and cooled by a soft touch that polishes its current state..but, while we still struggle with things, I can still reach out and see really good things...and that is what I was feeling this morning. A comfort..a good feeling. I wanted to share that because these deep, are precious..moreso than anything we posess.

Today, at the BBQ, folks are going to see the new "Gallery" display. I wrote a while ago that when I/we started getting healtier we redid out house. The room that I cherish the most not is the "big" room. It is space where we can, quarterly or with the seasons, change the art and things that are special to us so that we really can appreciate them, and we are never cluttered. The space is great to have folks over and to have a space of peace. My mother did an art piece that I treasure for my birthday, so this "show" in the Gallery space is about "faith, spirituality, and family"...that is so in sync with the fall as what is the harvest of our toil, our foot work, our daily living is the love, the connection to those we are closest to and something greater than ourselves. So, out went all the crystal..all those "bought objects, and in are pieces that are about the earth, the spirit, our is very cool!

Happy Sunday everybody! and Happy New Week!

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