Friday, July 01, 2011

Day 514: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman going for a run is no big news..but going for a run in the woods is..and preparing to go run through fire, mud and through a course of obstacles with a pack of other fools..that is news to. Yep, I have signed up for the Warrior Dash in August and i cannot wait (go to One thing that a lot of folks don't know about me is that as a kid, my mom's rather loud voice used to echo through the hills of chapel hill trying to hunt me down trying to get me to come inside. Although about half the year I spent in teh hospital growing up because of severe ashtma, the other half was spent, and as much as I could, outside, traveling through the creeks and woods of Chapel Hill..getting as muddy, as filthy as I possibly could. It was not till I hit puberty that I became sedentary and let the ashthma and the "I can't do it" take over my life". My childhood was filled with camping, being outside, and it was MAGIC. Part of this journey..a large part of this change and being back to a health that is amazing has been re-discovering that part of myself that loved being outside..loved being physical..playing sports even and being ALIVE in so many ways! This dash looks like so much fun and I cannot wait.

Oh yeah..i know I am 44..and I am not going to go crazy. I aims to finish! LOL..not win! :) I also aim to have a good time. That is the aim now..enjoy myself..enjoy being alive. Enjoy being healtier and continue to grow. Yes there is work involved..but there does not have to be so much struggle all the daggone time. There is so much to enjoy! It is an "attitude of gratitude!".

Anyway, back to the run last night.....The woods behind our house are the woods by UNCW. They are also the woods that go between Randall Drive and Rose avenue and border the challenge course for UNCW. I hotfooted it down the path and it was great! It felt like being in the woods back home in Chapel Hill..smelled like home to with honeysuckle hitting my nose mixed with pine..and I was able to keep pace with the soft sand under my feet. I was watching myself to make sure I was steady becuase of the change and variation in the ground, but it was good.

When I got to the end of the woods..there it was...the Gary Shell Trail that now borders Rose avenue has been put in. The asphalt was clear and beautfiul and I stepped onto it and it was serpentine and wrapped through and around the woods behind the homes. It was lovely. I was overwhelmed with joy as I ran down that stretch..seeing another piece of this progress. But here is what I encountered. I saw a father a way down the path, getting onto it with his daughter. Dad was overweight and looked out of shape. But here he was. out for an evening walk with his little girl. Because of this path...a working class neighborhood that has no sidewalks, now has an area for he and his daughter to spend time together..and maybe, if they keep this up, he will get healthier and his daughter will have him around a lot longer. I saw a couple riding together..and lots of others...this was and is an extension of health, relaxation, and wellness for the neighborhood and EVERYONE could access it and use it! What power in that! What blessings! What COMMON GOOD!  I was energized in my run like none other. much grace comes in being a part of something like that. It is something I can never repay or fully explain..but I am grateful..and I will run, bike..and do it all as long as I am here....

thanks be!

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