Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 540: Greater Than Through Love and Support

I am updating my blog posts if you have not noticed and I am hoping that it comes through ok. The title comes through with the day (as this journey is ONE DAY AT A TIME) and the entire journey itself was dubbed Greater THAN (instead of  the original title that was see LESS of Bo) through love and support (because only through the love and support of others and a higher power, whom I chose to call God, do we/I succeed at meeting my goals and making the changes that I want to make in my life in the way that I have! 

Then, at the bottom of each post now, I have the links to the people, places and things that have effected me in a way that have created this health and wellness. Clearly Adam is going to always be first on that list. Always! But these links are here for you to research to see if these resources are something that you might want to access as well..and as I learn, I will add to the list. They certainly have worked for me.  I recieve no endorsements from them. I just love them and they have changed my life utilizing them.

Anyway...I am back at it this week at work and getting back into my routine. I gotta say that they runnnig is getting WAY better and the trail around UNCW is getting so amazing!! If I leave out house and enter the woods at the end of Randall Parkway and go by the challenege course, I can pick up the Shell Trail that is parralells rose avenue right there. It snakes through the woods in that area and is SOOOO beautful! It goes over a bridge and then enters into UNCW at the back of campus and does straight up past Graham Hewett and the the path that I laid my feet on FIRST when they laid the asphalt by the Fields runs up by the track. They have finished the gravel from there to the front of campus adn right now it is like running on the national mall! I like that feel. I am not sure if they are going to black top that..but it is nice the way it is. I run across the front of camps and then back down randall to the house! I think it is a little over 4 miles..and it is awesome! I am actually loving this more than the loop! :) and it is right out our back door!

This morning Adam put me through my paces and took it up a notch on a new machine clearly designed by the devil himself. It is a stair machine....perpetual stairs. I can imagine a hell where you are condemed to walk this for eternity! :) but it busted my tail and we had to literally mop up after me. The deal is that the ellipticals are just not getting me he had to take me to that next level..and this did and then some! I will be soaking in a tub this evening! but with gratitude! LOL! to work..break is over!

Love to all!

Links to the Keys to my Health and Wellness Success!
Adam Freeman Personal Training  | Cape Fear Heart Walk! GIVE TODAY! | Crest Fitness | Custom Fit Meals| Heidi Kaufman Nutritional Services-Dietitian | Bike Cycles Bike Shop at Mayfaire| Boseman's Sporting Goods | New Balance Shoes | Tidal Creek- Healthy Foods! | Pita Delite- Wilmington | Hibachi Bistro on College Road | The Star News | WECT | Wilmington Biz and Wilma | Encore Magazine | New Hanover County Public Health Department | Zoe's Kitchen | Try Sports| VitaCost online NC Company for sports Nutrition | City of Wilmington Parks and Recreation| New Hanover County Parks| Airlie Gardens | The Shell Cross City Trail | Wrightsville Family Practice | Sandra Miles Dentistry | Church of the Servant Episcopal |o2 Fitness| Active.ComWithout Limits Coaching | Go Time| Cape Fear River Watch| New Hanover County Arboretum| Coastal Land Trust|| Hook, Line and Paddle| Wilmington Road Runners | Cape Fear Cyclists

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