Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 537: Greater than through love and support

it feels like the night before the first day of school. God did I hate that. the end of summer. the end of vacation...but that is what it feels like tonight. I don't have new pencils, a new lunch box, and a new bag with my initials on it...but maybe, having had some time off, I have a little more patience...a little more peace about me than when I left work two weeks ago.

This vacation has not been as long as the summer's of my youth...but in many ways it had some of the same joys. When I was young, we would not go far...usually to Myrtle beach for a week or two. I would spend time playing in the fields near my grandparents, enjoying time with my cousin, exploring the world around us, getting sunburnt and trying to cross from daddy's to grandmother's house without getting a foot full of sandspurs. We went to my favorite Uncle's house at night and played rook for hours. Then shot bottle rockets. We belonged to a private pool in town and were too young to notice the "lack of diversity" there..but we had so much fun in that pool. they would grease up a watermelon and throw it in and the winner was the one to get it to the side. ( we were not brilliant..but at least it was not a greased pig!). We ate watermelon like it was air and corn on the cobb eating contests where pretty regular and I spent hours and hours watching my cousin and others play at the little league fields..sneaking away to go to see my other grandmother during the games. We ate blueberries off Mrs. Mewbern's bushes and that got us through the afternoon and the Kinton's scupernon grapes were just overload for us....but were gooood!  All around us farms churned out work and people kept going to off to whatever they did, but we were free and having "summer".

Well, for two weeks now, I have had "summer". No daily office to go to. Just time to do some of those things that I love. I have avoided sandspurs on the northend and walked out and watched the sunset. Kayaked to new places discovering the almost empty beaches along masonboro and the most amazing wildlife ever. We tandem kayaked..and had a blast and along that journey explored parts of banks channel i would never have seen otherwise. We roasted corn and I ate it with the fervor I did when I was little...or at least younger..and although Watermelon will never taste like it did off the back of Grandaddy's cub tractor right after we had pulled them from the field, I have enjoyed it just the same...and remembered him. I have shared time with friends, gone to dinner, had a laugh at the comedy club downtown, done things that just filled my soul. I have even done some volunteer things and activities that feed me...oh..and i got to spend so much time on the shell much much good energy burnt up there. such a blessed the pitcher plants and venus fly traps at alderman we got to enjoy and the lecture..the history we witnessed with mr.

I have had time to digest...or at least try to all the changes that are going on. Friends who are being uprooted in their jobs, loss, grieving, pain....there is a lot of loss and emotion around me. With those I care deeply for. I know I cannot change it for them, but I also needed to recharge my own batteries so that I can be the friend I want to be. That has been important in this and it has been so healing. Hell, I know it sounds simple, but I cleaned out my/our closet. That alone was cathartic and made me feel a little lighter. freeing me to be available to what life has to offer next.

there were some things I did not do....but will not dwell there. It has been perfect as is...and i think, as i have been learning over the years that tomorrow, when I go back to work, it does not have to be the "first day of school". Summer is not over. It is just a transition back to a routine that not only sustains me and us, but also allows for all of this to happen....for these blessings to exist and be possible.

So, while i will don my work clothes..there is still a kayaking adventure in my future this week, corn on the cob, watermelon, a connection, peace....there still is all of it....and for that, I am truly, truly grateful.
thanks be!

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