Sunday, March 04, 2012

Day 783: Greater than through love and support

I have the whole day off today and I am completely stymied as to what to do! :) So, I will just do the next thing that is in front of me and not worry about it.
That thought hit me and I thought, "that sounds like a good plan for life right now!".

Don't get me wrong, I have Good Orderly Direction always, but lately I have hit some places where I either don't know the answers or the answers that are available are incomplete. So, instead of trying to bully a result, which will lead to just being frutstrated and potentially could have very negative results, I am just going to do what is in front me and put those unanswered things aside.

If hindsight is any help at all, i know that when I am supposed to know something I will. When answers are to come, they will. My desire for it, for them does not change the timing.

It all may sound so very elementary, but when i am in conflict or perceived conflict with someone, when someone i care about is going through a bad time and I don't know what the outcome will be, or when things are in flux in and around me, it is hard to not demand..push.."bully" my will on all of it and create more havoc and drama. I am so glad that i have the tools of prayer, talking and yes, even exercising to let go, stay in the moment,  and get focused. A discipline like anything else, the work that goes into letting go is minimal compared to getting lost in thinking, acting, and even being in a state that has no conclusion, cyclical, or just revolving issues.

This past week, I am on the new routine with working out and it is a kicker..but it is amazing today. I had a good week of eating as well and feel pretty good about my overall health! It is about showing up...but in showing up there is this change that is happening little by little over time and it is wonderful!

I have a lot to be grateful for...and I go to the "next right thing"...that is what I will "cycle through" repeatedly: gratitude!

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