Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 806: Greater than through love and support

Last week I felt like I was catching up all week. It was an amazing week, but one that was wrought with must moving forward after one of the biggest milestones i have hit since all this life change began.
I ran a half marathon! :) better put, WE ran a half marathon. Everyone reading this post and everyone that has been a part of this journey ran that half with me! and what was so cool was that for the first time, Adam, who ran it with me, achieved a new goal with me as he had never run a half either! Who would have thought that the not so young padoin would be accomplishing something with his yoda! Lol!

The night before I was trying to figure out everyway I could to duck out gracefully! I was scared of this one. I had been working 7 days a week for a while and I was not sure about it. I wanted to do it so badly, but again, I was not sure. But, I actually fell asleep at at 4:40 in the morning I got up and off we went to the pitch dark to Wrightsville Beach. It was one of the biggest crowds I have ever seen and the energy was amazing! I think that the first 4 miles I was just propelled along by the shear energy and force of the thousands of people I was around. It was amazing!..but as we hit military cut off road and started towards Landfall, it was sinking in that this one was a long one. Thank God for those people Cheering on the side of the road. They were a life saver. Their smiles and whistles and encouragement just lifted my spirit. I felt that in my very feet and it helped me so very much! I just kept a steady pace adn moved forward and it was amazing. When I saw the 9 mile mark, it was the best feeling, because I knew I was going to make it. Testosterone hit a little at that point and Adam had to pull me by the neck of my shirt becuase I yelled at a couple of cars passing us too fast and WAY dangerously..but that was the ONLY negative in the whole experience. When I realized I was a little too pumped up, it was also one of the funniest self aware moments as well and even more wonderful was having enough energy at 9 miles to get upset! LOL! Adam and I checked in on each other and if you think for a minute that the definition of freindship is not just being there for one another when you are moving through something so powerful, you have to trust me. It was a freakin' honor to run with this man. To have come from not be able to climb a set a not be able to do a simple be running side by side in a Half Marathon..and NOT to be last...but keeping truly be experiencing that...well..that is a gift..period.

We hit 10 and rounded out back out of Landfall and it hit how close we were. For me, I know not that anticipating the end is NOT the best thing. It was HARD to get through that last mile and half of those three miles. When we got into Mayfaire, I wanted so desperately to see the finish line and the way they set up, you could not because they routed us around other buildings. I felt tears welling up because i wanted to see the finish. I had gotten out of the moment, gotten out of the race and had gotten to the finish..and just as we turned the last corner, we were routed to a sidewalk. to our Left were EMTs and all sorts of firetrucks. I looked down and a body lay literally as blue as the sky and they were resuscitating him. It struck me "but for the grace of God go I". I looked at Adam and I said "thank you". He knew exactly why i said it...and it was a moment that I will never forget. I said a prayer for the runner...and then got my head back in the moment. I looked and saw Michael's face...with his camera going. I was so proud he was there and so grateful! I felt so loved and having him there was the best way to enter the finish!  I could hear Colin Hackman say my name as I crossed the finish line....I grabbed two medals! My first medal ever! and put one on me and one on Adam and just burst into a rush of tears. It was a release and a miracle. A spiritual moment. It was amazing!

Don't think this is my last, but I am not thinking about marathons. In the middle of the race, I turned to Adam and said how grateful I was for this, but I realized, this was what I wanted. It was so healing. By no coincidences, I saw Andy Mckvey at the end, the very person who gave me the gift of registration for this event and inspired me so much, and then when I got back to my car at the loop and was sitting there having a private moment with God, there in my field of vision was Mary of the cheerleaders I have had. She embraced me and it was so very special. Wherever I went and whatever I did, it was so amazing..and I am and was so grateful.

I left there and went to the bath, but had to work that afternoon and then went right into the as I said, it was a tough week and pretty emotional on many levels.

I have finally had a weekend this weekend. It has been wonderul and I feel re-energized and ready for a new week!

So much to be grateful for! So much to celebrate! thanks be!

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Just Keepin It Real, Folks! said...

THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!! Congratulations to you!!!! I so admire runners for the dedication it takes and the mental toughness as much as the physical strength.