Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 766: Greater than through love and support

Ok..So, I was blown away today when, as i am sitting here waiting for the second day of the civil war at CAM to break out, and the Union and the Confederates are circling, I get this post on my wall saying "you have won the "Liebster Award". I thought maybe a kosher virus had just hit me or maybe a nosh that included some funky form of cream cheese and dried salmon was in my future..but instead it was this Ah-mazing and wonderfully cool shout out from what of the sharpest people I have met in recent years: Deb Church. Deb is one of those people who "gets it". She is insightful, funny, and every year at the Carousel Center Show, she and her team just make it fun and outrageous. She started blogging and has been a source of well, as her blog is called "keepin' it real!". So, I am humbled..and frankly tickled to get this. most good keep an award..I need to give it away! This award is earned by sharing with others the success of other blogs. Here are the "rules" of the award:
1. Link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Pick 5 deserving people and notify them on their blogs.
3. Post the award on your blog and spread the love.

So here goes:
1.) Yeah..I am back at Deb and hers! I have already been so over the moon that she was recognized this year by Encore! and hopefully people will "follow her"

Now to the 5:

1.) Of course, why wouldn't anyone be following Adam's blog since he has helped me achieve so much health and wellness and does such a great job giving so much from his own blog to help others continue on that path!

2.) My Friend Marty Rowan chronicles are journey after Sudden Cardiac Arrest and her amazing life that she leads now on her own blog! It is worth the follow!

3.) Two of the most spiritual people in my lives, Kathy and Jill, journal about life, taking care of each other, their family, and write about the world and spiritual life in general. It is a wonderful walk and practice to follow.

4.) Wilmington Faith and Values is a blog started to have a conversation about just that and about those. Maybe..just maybe it is a place to have this and it be a place of peace. Maybe:

5.) Weighing in With Sherry: A wonderful journey of a friend who has lost 97 pounds and her day at a time walk with this journey! it is a must follow!  
 now off to share the love! :) How easy it that! 


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