Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 742: Greater than through love and support

I am setting some goals for myself, one day at a time. I have found that I do work better with some guides to go by and there are some things that i want to incorporate into my week to enhance my overall health and wellness. Last week was kind of rough in some ways.

Don't get me was an amazing week of engagement, activity, output and some other great things..but I have to be honest with myself: I did not cook at home, ate things that were way not healthy for me, portion control was out of control, and stress was the rule of the day. I conned myself into thinking "this is my one night to have this or that..and well, it was a couple of nights like that. While the aggregate effect never led me to a McDonald's and I never cracked open a box of little debbie's...I did not feel good about my choices. It is the not feeling good that I don't like more than anything. I had some very major events this past week that were a part of some very new parts of my work and I wanted very much for them to go well, and I let that get me a little...ok..a lot. Stress and taking care of myself....that is the struggle.

On the pro side, I showed up for training on monday and wednesday and kicked butt both times. I ran on tuesday and thursday and did a great job both times and today I went on the 6 mile survival run and had a great time and really took the time to take the rest of the day off to heal, chill, and just be. So, there were no tragedies here, I just want to keep some things moving forward and not go in a different direction. After all..I know me better than anyone! :) Part of staying healthy and moving forward is to inventory what is going on and seek out ways to stay on track. In the past, when the road diverged, it went backwards...I am forging ahead...this path is to be trod anew.

So...this week: I want to add more water to my day. cook dinner each night and cook breakfast each morning. i want to connect with one additional training help that will enhance my running. and i want to make sure that I am taking time to do something fun for us and me.

I am trying really hard above not to say NO to anything above but to say "yes" to things that add and give me some good things. Does that make since? I am not saying Don't eat out..Don't drink diet coke, Don't  Don't don't. It is never, I have found these last two years...and hell, these last 23 years, about denial, it is about adding...about having more of things that add, create better, different, more, etc. It is not semantics at is is enriching and it is just the way it is...the more water i drink, the better results I am going to get...the more I cook dinner, the less fat, cholesterol, and most importantly flavor I am going ot time with Michael and more money for both of us, when I cook breakfast, I am more satisfied for many of the same reasons as above (my 2 eggs, candadian bacon and fat free cheese! It rocks..with whole wheat toast)...oh...and I am going to have tea..and coffee...and by doing this I won't need diet coke..which by the way is toxic..or at least the aspartame is. and the additonal advise for training on my running is just going to help me enjoy it more...and having fun..well, that is about the stress..and the leveler there!

I gotta write all this out...cause for me it is about thinking it through...tomorrow when I get it up, it is about recommitting to it..and sometimes, I have to recommit to it hourly or minute by minute...but I am recommitting to things that are affirming...not committing to saying "no" to things..or even to myself...but committing to saying yes to this amazing life and good things that can and do make it so much better to live!'s to the rest of the gift of NOW..and if granted the gift of tomorrow...I have some goals..will place them fully in view and in focus, while my will and my life, I have decided, are in the hands of my higher power...and we shall go from there....Very freaking exciting! Thanks be!

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