Sunday, January 01, 2012

Day 725: Greater than through love and support

Somewhere I am going to have to see where I went wrong on my counting! I just realized that this coming Friday is 2 years since I started this part of my journey which will be day 730..and for some reason the last post was day 685. Not sure how I did that..but oh well...I am caught up now! LOL! I did this last year apparently too, so counting days may not be my long suit....staying in them..well I do pretty well at that! :)

Happy new year! I am so excited to have some resolutions/goals/hopes...things to look forward to.
here is my list from last year and it was neat to be able to go back over the list and see what did and did not do from it:

Yoga at least once a week: hope to have daily practice of some sort integrated by the end of the year.-stops and starts with this,  Karl gave me a great routine to work with, but I just have not integrated it yet.
Read one book a month on some spiritual text or philosophical writing-wrote a lot, need to read more
Walk on the beach/airlie/or other park once a month-this plus running the trail-yes!
Daily devotional morning and evening- did so much better this year
Find an outlet to sing-Did get to perform this year, but did not do this

Take a class-took class, but was not able to finish because of job change
Read at least one fiction novel a month-did not do
Have a game night once a month-did not do
Draw-did not do
Learn more about painting and color combos/paint-did not do enough

Run a 10k (the bridge run in Charleston)-had work conflict with this, but scheduled for this year and while I did not run a 10k race, I did run the 4miler adventure run in Carolina Beach and ran to the beach and got up to a 12 mile run! :) not bad for someone who could not get up flight of stairs two years ago! 
Do team in training with Neesha- Did not do team in training, but had special time with Neesha
Get the final 20 off- kinda of DONE-But still have stomach issue that I am working on-
Learn to kayak- DONE! and then some!
Move from 5k Tuesday and Thursday to 10k-Done and MORE! :)
Break 11 minute mile-DONE 
So, I feel pretty good about how my list from last year played out. But what I noticed was that things that are about my own creativity and reaction and exploration took a back seat. things that are fun. I need to have more FUN this year. So with that in mind, I am making my list with FUN on the list at the top!
So I resolve, hope, plan, and will this year, one day at a time, and with every good intention and desire, if it is the plan to do so, have more FUN! playing games, reading, going to movies, plays, comedy nights, and doing those things that interest me/us..exploring my creative side! 
 here are some other goals:

  • run a 1/2 marathon and train for a marathon
  • consistently run under 10 minute mile pace
  • run without my shirt by the end of summer and not be self conscious about it. 
  • finish my first book with Michael
  • Write more consistently
  • Keep up with my blog
  • make visits to people I care about more regularly
  • return emails and calls within 24hours
  • and be very clear about what I can and cannot do

This list is short and to the point, but it is just a small list for my personal self. the list about my professional goals, my giving goals, and some others are still being worked on. I am so excited about the year to come!

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