Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 738: Greater than through love and support

So, we are well on our way into 2012 and I am showing up. I know, it is 2 years and by now it should be just what I do...but I am celebrating "showing up" as much today as I did two years fact, I might actually be doing it more now than I was then because I don't know about the rest of you, but after I have had some success and get used to something and think I know a thing or two, that is particularly when I am ripe to begin repeating past behavior. What is nice about my entire journey, and nothing unusual for this section of it is that it is all about one day at a time and as a, I am celebrating showing up for training and it was wonderful!

In fact, I have not blogged about training and what we are actually doing in a while. I am thrilled with the progress, but what makes it so important to write about it is that I do actually forget sometimes how far i have come. This morning i was doing my chest press on the inline board with 45 pound dumbbells in each hand..and while it is a work was not a struggle! I remember when I began, when Adam gave me the 10 pound weights and had me do the overhead press and I was almost in tears. Not only did it burn, but I was so embarrassed at being so big and feeling so weak. It was so wonderful having someone there to remind me that I was doing a great job and making progress. Well, that reinforcement led to me believing it myself and actually saying "good job" to my own self and now being able to do things I never would have dreamed of! Just taking it a step at at time and moving slowly, but steadily, and doing the! :) what amazing results!

Here is the work out: 15 reps of each: squats with 35 pounds dumbells, then incline chest press with 45 pound dumbells, then the pull down with the triangle with 120 (I think) pounds of weight, then overhead press with 30-35 pound dumbells, then step ups with 25 dumbells, then dips off the edge of one of the benches, then bicep curs with the 50 lbs dumbell bar, then 30 crunches with the 10lb medicine ball, then 30 side to sides with the 10lb medicine ball
then repeat three times!

It is an awesome feeling to get through this and to do it well! When I say I love is not that i am thrilled to be working out, it is that after all that time of not taking care of me and being healthy, I LOVE being able to see and do and feel progress and achieve at this level. That is the love. that is a high. It is work, but it is so worth it. By taking time to take care of me, there is this pay off and I can do more and be about being able to do more of what I feel I am called to do and want to do! That is so awesome!

I don't ever apologize for being excited by this or loving it...but it all started with showing up..standing there with those, they were 8 lb weights...feeling silly...but believing that I could...I could...and damned if I am not...:)

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