Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 759: Greater than through love and support

I have been thinking that this blog post was going to be about being "off the beam" because it has literally been two weeks of some odd rhythm in my life with the passing of my uncle, being sick for a couple of days and really getting into my new job. But today I woke late and I turned on the tv. There in all our disproportionate 52 inch screen glory was this little church in Newark nj and I was watching what I swore I would not watch: Whitney Houston's funeral.

I was determined not to be involved in spectacle;celebrity glossing...boy was I wrong in my assumptions and glad I had to eat my words. The wonderfully homey sound system, the honest nature of this mega church here...just a neighborhood house of worship...a place of family...a real place(minus td jakes of course)...and taking the podium was rev mclurklin to sing, no feel "stand".

I let go harder and deeper than I have in a very long time. trembling as I did. I am sad at the loss of this amazing talent. However, her memorial gave me and, I am assuming all of us a moment to feel. And there I sat, feeling that powerful message that when it all feels overwhelming, when it seems more than we can handle, all we have is to "stand". Stand knowing that we are not alone, that we are emboldened, that we are given one another, a grace, a power, a life, a soul, a purpose....we stand and we...well we do more than survive and live, we thrive! I needed that so badly this morning.

Someone so dear to me was hurt recently doing the right things and I am so very proud to know him. But the hardest thing to do sometimes is to stand when others are hurt...I want so badly to react and to act, when there is such ugly around me and on others. But here I was, listening to what I needed to hear. "just stand". Remain at the ready to do the next right thing. To use the power that we have to be of use to one another, to a higher purpose, to do what we can to be healthy for God's sake.

Everyday we see the hypocrisy of those who cry their faith and work so hard against others to deny them basics....what good does it do to focus on them..what good does it do to get embroiled in their behavior. The victory is to stand. The Victory is to do what we do to act in ways that make a difference and affect a positive result in our world.

There are no martyrs, no saints, just knowing this is what we do!

So, I sat here this morning as that song washed over me. That funeral helped me to mourn some things in my life as I shared with millions a life passed that had given so much joy. Not a tragedy, but a life that had humanity, had soul, had substance, but was susceptible . And it hit me that even on her day of memorial, she was "standing" to help even someone as unworthy as me to feel empowered, to take the next step, to continue, and to feel. How powerful it all is.

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