Thursday, January 05, 2012

special post: please vote


The very cool part about this is that is creates great opportunity for the things you vote for. This blog in fact was really opened up to more and more folks as a result., paste and do as you wish. You have to fill in at least 25 items for the ballot to be accepted.

Like last year, I am happy to give suggestions to make that happen, not in all categories and in many there are VERY competing folks for the "best"...but certainly, I hope everyone will vote for Adam Freeman for trainer, Crest Fitness for Gym, Pine Valley Market for best Caterer and for best Chef, Smokey, Cameron Art Museum for best museum (and attractions!), my dear friends Big B and Sandra, Frances and WECT, and if you want to include this blog, please do so ...
and if you need some other suggestions, I am happy to make them. I always get in trouble because folks think I voted this way or that..I am merely offering suggestions and then in some cases, I just don't know or don't use the service. Do your thing and support local businesses! I ADORE Encore for doing this! They are a class act! 
Best Seafood: Cape Fear Seafood
Best Italian Food: OC and Carrabas

Best Mexican Food: El Cerro Grande
Best Thai/Vietnamese Restaurant: Big Thai on North Fourth
Best Japanese Restaurant : 
Best Chinese Restaurant: 
Best Indian Food: Tandori Bites
Best French Food: Brasserie
Best Fast Food: there is no such thing! :) 
Best Pizza: Slice of Life!
Best Vegetarian Food: Zoe's Kitchen
Best Soul Food / Country Cooking: Casey's Buffet
Best Barbecue: Casey's 
Best Sub/Sandwich Shop: Atlanta Bread in Mayfaire
Best Fries: 
Best Ribs: 
Best Burger: Pine Valley Market
Best Panini: Press 102
Best Hot Dog: 
Best Burrito: 
Best Oysters: Cape Fear Seafood
Best Steak: Brasserie
Best Appetizers: Cameo 1900
Best Salads: City Club at De Rossett
Best Desserts: Brasserie
Best Waitstaff: City Club
Best Breakfast: Sweet and Savory
Best Atmosphere: Cameo 1900
Best New Restaurant: the Kitchen
Best Chain Restaurant: Carrabas
Best Restaurant (overall): Brasserie
Best Family Restaurant: Carrabas
Best Fine Dining Restaurant: the City Club at de Rossett
Best Diner:
Best Bakery:
Best Lunch: Pine Valley Market
Best Coffee Shop: Port City Java at Barclay Commons
Best Take-Out: Hibachi Bistro on College
Best Chef: Smokey at PVM
Best Wings 
Best Ice Cream 
Best Sushi: bento box
Best Buffet: casey's
Best Outdoor Dining: oceanic
Best Late-Night Eatery 
Best Delicatessan: mccalister's 
Best Mediterranean Food: pita delite
Best Wine/Beer Shop 
Best Gourmet Store 
Best Health Food Store: tidal creek
Best Sports Bar 
Best Neighborhood Bar 
Best Bartender 
Best Bar (overall) 
Best Martini Bar 
Best Wine List 
Best Place to Board a Pet 
Best Chiropractor 
Best Place for Alternative Medicine 
Best Dentist:  Sandra Miles or Coleman Burgess!
Best Veterinarian:
Best Place to Buy a New Car: stephenson
Best Place to Buy a Used Car: cavanaugh
Best Local Book Store: books on old front street
Best Florist: julia's and or eddie's
Best Hair Salon 
Best Tattoo Parlor 
Best Place to Buy Gas 
Best Jeweler Perry's, Reed's or Kingoffs
Best Surf Shop 
Best Women’s Clothing 
Best Men’s Clothing 
Best Kid’s Clothing 
Best Shoe Store 
Best Dry Cleaner Williams Hangers
Best Real Estate Agency Seacoast or Intracoastal

Best Local Garden Store The Plant Place 
Best Vintage Clothing Consignment Bargain Box
Best Home Decor Consignment Ivy Cottage
Best Antique Shop Michael Moore Antiques
Best Mortgage Company Cunnigham
Best Apartment Complex 
Best Car Wash Cruisers
Best Tanning Salon 
Best Gift Shop Protocol
Best Print Shop Copy Cat
Best Hotel Hampton Inn Landfall, Homewood Suites, Hilton Garden Inn
Best Adult Store 

Best Bathrooms 
Best Moving Company 
Best Motorcycle Shop 
Best Laundromat 
Best Catering Service Pine Valley Market
Best Dog Groomer 
Best Personal Trainer Adam Freeman Personal Training
Best Golf Course Municipal
Best Gym Crest
Best Spa 
Best Shopping Plaza: Mayfaire

Best Massage Therapist (please list name and business) 
Best Bowling Alley
Best Arcade/Game Room 
Best Pool Hall 
Best Local Attraction: Cameron Art Musuem 
Best Tour of Wilmington: Bob Jenkins Tours 
Best Live Music Venue: Greenfield Amphitheater 
Best Local Band/Performer: Susan Savia 
Best Local DJ: DJ Battle
Best Dance Club 
Best Place for Karaoke 
Best Place to Buy Musical Instruments 
Best Place to Buy CDs 
Best Art Gallery: Acme
Best Local Artist: too many
Best Museum: Cameron Art Musuem
Best Theatre Production of 2011: Hairspray 
Best Theatre Production Company: thalian 
Best Theatre Venue: thalian 
Best Thespian 
Best Comedy Troupe: timmy sherill
Best Local Newscast: wect 
Best Newscaster: frances weller
Best Local Radio Station: 97.3 
Best Local Radio Personality: Sandra McClammy or Big B
Best Morning Radio Show: Foz in the morning
Best Local Filmmaker:  
Best Local Independent Film 
Best Local Web Site: What's on Wilmington 
Best Local Writer: Celia Rivenbark 
Best Blog:
Best Thing to Happen in Wilmington in 2011: gravely commissioning
Best Nonprofit: too many! 
Best Local Humanitarian! listen to your heart..I did 
Best Environmental Group: Cape Fear River Watch 
Best Volunteer: listen to your heart

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