Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 685: Greater than through love and support

So, the whole point of giving is to do so and not get attention for it. The act of doing or giving freely with no hope or expectation of acknowledgement or reward is the best of all acts. It is the purest form of our higher selves. That said, I want you all to start talking about things..not your time, talent...but things. Giving a lot, frequently and as much as you can. Here's why:

So, I have been "hoarding". No, I am not going to make the show on A&E, but it was getting pretty bad. The hoarding did not come through some compulsive need to "have", but this notion that I was going to profit by what I had.  I am a pretty public person, so most of anyone reading this knows the schedule I keep for myself. Now, tell me, exactly when am I am going to to have that "clean house" sized yard sale, organize all this stuff and create this great opporunity to make all this money. Honestly, when? and even if I broke the HOA rules and had this, and spent all day doing it, in what way was I/we going to really profit by having dealers rummaging through things at 4 am before the yard sale shoppers hit at 6am and the poor schlubs who show up at 10am thinking they are still early?

Then, day before yesterday it also hit me that while I/we are not affluent by any means, exactly what impact is the income from a yard sale going to make or break our debt? Coupled, unfortunately, secondarily by the fact that I am a part and we are a part of some pretty major charities in this town and there is SO MUCH NEED all around us and here I am sitting on a pile of "stuff" that literally could make the difference in someone's very life if given to the right place to be used properly.

So, I LET GO! I let go of "stuff"..I packed up my car, headed over the Bargain Box of Wilmington and here is what I know. What is not given by the Bargain Box..literally handed to those in need from the Bargain Box is then sold and 100% of the money that comes in from the Bargain Box goes to local charities to help them. So, that act of lettting go multiplied in ways that I will never truly know...but I know, I truly know that it was the right thing to do. NOw, I don't give to orgs with high overhead or "foundations" that operate because they themselves are not non-profits and I want to make sure that what I am doing is going to go in the hands of those in I have done my research and I am not just going to give to Goodwill, but beyond that..this act of "letting go" was so freeing and little by little my life is lighter.

I say all this, cause I am betting EVERYONE has stuff that just needs to be "let go" of. My weight issue was not just my body, it was the "stuff" around me. I have a lifetime of having "things" ground me and create the illusion of security. Throuhgout my spiriual and now physical and mental growth, I see the shedding of "things" almost like pounds. They are inconsequential to what is really important. I/we began a process by scaling back and redoing the house last year, but then I just put the stuff we took out in the garage in the attic. That was not "letting go". and all year all I could think about was all that "stuff" and what is worse is that all year, someone, some people could have used all that and it jsut sat there. Not, here's the deal. Get rid of it. Let it go and then tell somebody you did! Tell them where you do it so that they can invest in those places too! Habitat picks up, vintage values is awesome, Bargain Box is my fav....and there are others..but whatever you choose, it can make such a difference ! I am loving feeling even lighter today! loving, loving, loving it!

Thanks be!

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