Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 667: Greater than through love and support

I think today is actually day six hundred and sixty six..but sorry, that just sort of creeps me out! LOL!
 I am wrapped warmly in my comforter on this crisp december morning and it is heaven!
The week has been amazing and fulfilling and this HUGE change in work is coming along.

But yesterday, as Michael and I were walking out of a restaurant from lunch, we were walking past some windows. In my mind, I remember thinking "don't look, you will just be disappointed by your stomach poking out"....but of course, I did look. I was shocked! There in the reflection of the windows was ME...but not me...or at least not the me that I see in my was a man turned to the side and there was no stomach poking out! It was hard to take in. I literally had to stop and go back and take a double take. I think we were in front of a Cato now that I am thinking about it. there is no telling what those women must have thought of me standing there holding my jacket up and turning to the side to see myself. But, it was incredible to "See"..really see for the first time. It felt so good, particularly right after lunch! :) What an incredibly difficult thing to "see" in my own mind....myself, that is. But what a nice moment. So grateful.

These last few weeks have been very emotional and amazing and rich and up and down and all around. What has been steady though has been my care for myself. Oh, I have missed training twice (once Adam, once me)..but I each time i missed, I ran that day. I have had some meals that were a little more rich or heavy, but I have done really well on snacking and i have NOT at any time had ANYTHING that would have entered my life inappropriately as it might have in the past with such a huge transition outside of Hersey's kisses and a couple of cookies. It has been amazing....this wellness thing is part of who and what i am and I get that because of it, because of taking care of me and taking care of the basics, I can more fully be involved and enjoy those things that make up these new experiences...these new paths that I am led to travel.

I have slept the sleep of the dead this week as this job is VERY engaging and I have felt a general tired that I have not felt before from work. But it is a deeply satisfying tired and that makes me want to go back for more!

THanks be and btw: just in case you missed it, here is that Christmas wish I posted that I enjoy doing each year! Hope it is something you will consider!

My Christmas Wish:

What I would love for Christmas is to see as many people as possible take one gift valued at $100.00...just one...and break it down into 10, 10 dollar increments and send those 10 dollars to at least 10 agencies.  In other words, to take one special gift and turn it into something that can make a difference to so many in such a substantial way.

Just think…I am sending this to about 2000 people. Imagine if even half did this.  That would be 1000 people giving 10$ each to 10 agencies of his or her choice. That would be $10,000.00 PER AGENCY! 

Even if it was $100 per agency, it would be another art program for a senior with Alzheimer's at the CAM, another meal for a homeless person, a care kit for a child who is taken into foster care, a rape kit, a bloodless testing kit for HIV/AIDS, or a chemistry book that a student would not be able to afford otherwise at UNCW or CFCC, and so on…

With some of these agencies having budgets of less than $200,000.00 and some of these scholarships being endowed at 10k, you get my drift!

So, I hope  you will use my list, and if not, that you will make your own.

Goodness came into this world with a message of peace, love, charity, and hope for all of us over 2000 years ago…I can think of no better present than to say “Happy Birthday”, “Merry Christmas” than by making peace, love, charity, and hope happen in the coming year right here in Southeastern, North Carolina with donations from us to these amazing resources for those in need!
Merry Christmas Friends!

(BTW: there are more than 10 listed here….oh well, if you got that extra 10 spot OR TWO…why not?)
1.)  Cameron Art Museum

2.)  Coastal Horizons Incorporated (Rape Crisis Center, Youth Shelter, and Substance Abuse Treatment
donate on line:
send checks to: Coastal Horizons Center, Inc.  Willie Stargell Office Park 615 Shipyard Boulevard, Wilmington, NC 28412.

3.) Wilmington Interfaith Hospitality Network (providing homeless families with emergency shelter and transitional shelter)
donate online!
send checks to: WIHN
411 North 4th Street
Wilmington, NC 28401-4010

4.) Good Shepard Center (Shelter and Soup Kitchen)
give online:
send checks to: 811 Martin Street  Wilmington, NC 28401

5.) First in Families (aiding disabled families and individuals)
send checks to: First In Families of Southeastern NC
5041 New Center Drive, Suite 109
Wilmington, NC 28403

6.) Domestic Violence Center
Give online:
Send checks to: Domestic Violence Shelter and Services, Inc., 2901 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28409

7.) Carousel Center (assisting victims of child abuse)
donate online:
Send checks to: 1501 Dock Street Wilmington, NC 28401-4936 (910) 254-9898

8.) Cape Fear Community College Foundation (providing grants and scholarships)
Send checks to: 411 N. Front St. Wilmington, NC 28401
Give online:
9.) Habitat for Humanity (making housing happen in the Cape Fear Region)
Send checks to: 20 N. 4th Street, Suite 200 Wilmington, NC 28401

10.) Phoenix Ministries (working with the homeless and nearly homeless for job preparedness)
To contribute, please mail your check to Phoenix Employment Ministry, 20 N. Fourth Street, Wilmington, NC 28401, or call (910) 343-8469 to donate using your Visa or MasterCard

11.) Linc (Leading into new communities)(transitional services for the adjudicated released into the community)
Donate online:
12.) UNCW Scholarships
give online:
send checks to: 601 South College Road Wilmington, NC 28403 C/ O Marla Rice-Evans

13.) Coastal Carolina Aids Consortium
805 N 4TH ST STE F

14.) Elderhaus of New Hanover County (day care for our elderly)

15.) The American Heart Association

16.) Airlie Gardens
send checks to: 300 Airlie Road
Wilmington, NC 28403-3706

17.) Kid's Making It:
15 South Water Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
P  910-763-6001

18.) New Hanover Regional Medical Center Foundation
give online:
send checks to: NHRMC Foundation
2259 South 17th St.
Wilmington, NC 28401.

19.) Child Advocacy and Parenting Place
Send checks to: CAPP offices at
1401 S. 39th Street, Wilmington NC

20.) Lower Cape Fear Hospice and Life Care Center
Send checks to: 1406 Physicians Drive
Wilmington, NC 28401-7335

21.) Family Neighborhoods Institute (amazing after school programming! Begun by Mrs. Mary Mosley)
Send Checks to: 1102 Orange Street
Wilmington, NC 28401-4852
(910) 762-2884

22.) WHA/UNCW Community Campus  (comprehensive outreach to members of the public housing and surrounding neighborhoods in the form of computer training, reading programs, after school tutoring and dozens of other programs).
Checks can be sent to “WHA/UNCW Community Campus c/o WHA
1524 South 16th Street . Wilmington, North Carolina. 28401

23.) Access Wilmington (Building the Miracle field)
donate on line:

24.) Boys and Girls Club
Donate on line:

25.) Cape Fear Chapter- Salvation Army  
Send Checks to: 820 North 2nd Street, Wilmington - (910) 762-5948

26.) WARM-  Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry, Inc
Donate online:

27.) WHAT: Wilmington Health Access for Teens
4005 Oleander Drive
Wilmington, NC 28403
tele : 910.790.9949
fax : 910.790.9455

28.) Cape Fear Clinic (formerly the Tileston Clinic)
1605 Doctors Circle
Wilmington, NC 28401

FAX (910)-343-1293

29.) Cape Fear Health Net


31.) Elderhaus
Elderhaus Inc.
1950 Amphitheater Drive
Wilmington, NC. 28401
Phone: (910) 251-0660
Fax: (910) 762-1732
Toll free: 888-343-8209

32.) Cape Fear Literacy Council
The Cape Fear Literacy Council
1012 South 17th Street
Wilmington, NC 28401

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