Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 465: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

Whoever said "everything in  moderation" is a real ass (and yes, I think it originated with Aristotle, so I realize I am really stepping out here today! LOL). The facts are for me that "moderation" is not the key to happiness. There just simply are some things I don't do well with at all, and then there are some things that, well, are going to be less than "moderate" and it is about how to take it "one day at a time", "first things first" and rely on the best way to deal with it all to stay first and foremost healthy while it is all going on.

I am sounding crypitc. I don't mean to. It has just been an intense month or so. Amazing. But intense. I have hardly had time to absorb all the blessings, all the emotions, all of the connections with events, people, situations, opportunities, moments, that, well, just astound me. That said, what it means is that I have to take care not to let it all get overwhelming because what my old behavoir has been when I got completey overwhelemed was to let go of the priority of taking any care of myself and eat out of stress, eat things that were completely unhealthy, eat eat eat, and do absolutely the opposite of what would fuel being able to thrive during a time when so much was happening.

I am happy to report..that ain't so right now. Today, like most days, I got my butt up out of bed, on to the gym...Adam has had amazing work outs for me, and i have been doing them. I went off to my day..and yes, I prayed, connected, and set myself straight for the day. I got into my day and at stops along the way, I caught myself as I got wrapped up in the hectic nature of it and I stopped and restarted. I ate good things and keep good fuel in me and did well by me!

Now I also ate chocolate today! OH HORROR! but I did! :) and it was soooooo good! But I did not eat the whole basket of chocolate. I ate three pieces, and I enjoyed each and every one of them. Lest anyone forget, much less myself, that moderation with sweet stuff was not part of my past by any means. In fact it really is not part of my present and i am not trying to reintroduce "trigger" foods into my diet by having them again.

But today a student walked in with a basket of chocolates to thank us for all that we had done for her thoughout her time in Honors. It was so wonderful and truly a lovely gesture. I really enjoyed having something from her gift and don't feel bad about it. I remember a time when I would have had the entire basket and then some, but today I was able to just enjoy the small treat. While I did want, physically more (craving) was nice to think it through having more and stop. 

I do want to share that today is the anniversary of the passing of Kayleigh Anne. Most of you know that on this past Saturday we did a balloon release to remember her amazing life and be there for Adam and Aimee as this is only the second year since her passing. Adam and Aimee were joined by Adam's parents and many friends at the Homewood Suites at Mayfaire. Jason Smith, the general manager of that hotel hosted the event at the hotel and it was lovely (by the way, that is an amazing place to stay!). I am still hoping that the prayers and messages attached to those balloons have landed into places far and wide and will find a way to bring more of the blessings that she has brought into my own life and so many others. The release was a way to celebrate a life that has inspired so much and continues to make so much love happen for so many.

No matter how busy it gets, I will never tire of telling the story of how love makes and creates so much goodness. How what can appear as tragedy can bring about so much change and create opportunity for good. How we share a spiritual experience that connects us at intervals and places that have no coincidence and are perfect in everyday.  It is so very powerful....and at the end of the day today, I am just grateful....

lots of blessings!
thanks be!

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