Monday, May 16, 2011

another benefit of it all....

So I am walking tall today and I have even had one hell of a workout this morning complete with lunges, step ups with 25 pound weights, squats with 30 lb weights, and all sorts of other cool stuff including dips...which are not to be mistaken with anyting to do with taking a plunge in a pool or getting a dip of ice cream..oh no, these are so much fun while lowering oneself up and down on a machine!

But why is this anything of note? the big deal is that this workout followed a weekend where I was able to do some major renovations in the yard. Something I have not done in years..and something I have wanted to do for a long time. In fact, there is a lot fo things that I had gotten used to hiring someone else to do or just not doing if we could not afford it becuase I was not physically able...but no longer. This weekend, Michael had been wanting to replace the retaining walls around the flower beds. years ago when we put in the back yard I built those walls by stacking up slate pieces. It was functional and natural, but he wanted something more uniform. So, we found a sale (everyone knows I don't do retail) at home depot and off we went. I moved over 500 pounds of block from the front of the house to the back yard, took out the old walls and put in the new walls. With so much slate I had an idea to redo the white pebble bed in the back yard and literally moved a ton of rock and made a design with the slate and laid in a "labryinth" in the back yard. Now mind you, a year and half ago I was huffing and puffind up a single flight of stairs. Here I am being able to do this in a day AND we had and awesome weekend of doing things together to boot AND today I was still able to go to training and do my work out  AND I am still stanidn and feeling good!

Now, daggone it, that is just the deal..that is another pay off of all of this...I get to do something else cool...and it is something that this summer I we can share and we can share with people that we love too and have over for evenings and time togehter. It is amazing and I am just so grateful!

ok..nuff said..but I had to write about it...I was reminded this morning that this blog is about what I need to say and that if I need to write a "litany" out, then I should do just that. I have been blessed with being asked to keep this record and as I move forward it is so awesome to stop and realize how awesome it all really is!

Thanks be to God!

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