Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Day 296: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

Awesome start to the day...3 mile run around UNCW...broke 5.4 miles an hour..did the run in just under 34 minutes. It was bracing to say the least in the chill of the morning, but I got some compression tights to wear and i had a long sleeve shirt to wear that we got on one of my most favorite vacations ever, years ago, to Portland maine, and I have not been able to wear that shirt becuase it was not big enough. Well, now it is! :) and this morning, it not only kept me warm, it ensured that the compression tights did not look inappropriate! :) (still not sure those are ok to wear..however they feel awesome and frankly I would wear them all the time If I could!
I got home and stretched with my little girl helping me out with some Cat yoga! :)

As I shared in the video, I have learned that synthetic socks are essential as are the right shoes. I did my "homework" that Adam gave me last week and went to TriSports in Mayfaire and had my run video tapes to see if I suponated or pronated to much. It turns out I do pretty well, but pronated a little on my left foot and needed to watch how i landed on that foot as well so that I am landing flat and not rolling on it. It was very helpful..expensive..lol..becuase I ended up with the synthetic socks and compression tights (well, it get's cold in the winter)..and a pair of gloves...but I digress... The point is that this is somethign everyone needs to do to find the right shoes and find out how they walk and run! whehter you buy their shoes or not, it does not matter...it matters that you know. I want to run and do all this for a long time and having the right information is very important. Plus..doing what I am asked to do to ensure I am taking care of things is important. I was kind of proud that I went in and did this! :)

Anyhoo...I had a good day on my eating yesterday. I have had a run in with sugar free jelly beans lately and while sugar free there are 80 calories for every 35 of them...so not somethign I can go repeatedly! :) Looking forward to moderation there...

It is an awesome day...and it is only lunchtime!

Love it! thanks be!

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