Tuesday, May 21, 2013

greater than through love and support: making space to LIVE!

I have said it before, but I am learning it more and more that there is no excuse for not being able to work out. Part of understanding that is removing the barriers that separate me from achieving the goals that I want to achieve. One of the biggest one was that I did not have the equipment at home to effectively work out. WRONG! Over these three, almost four years, I have learned that with a few very simple pieces of equipment, I can have one of the most rocking "gyms" in the world. In fact, I don't neccessilarily need all of this to be succcessful..but I like some of things as they have each given me some of the success that I have. But what is great about all this is that I don't need huge hulking machines or giant weights...I need a relatively small space, some good pieces, and most importantly the DIRECTION and GOOD advice as to how to accomplish my goals...and in this space  I HAVE TO SHOW up for myself. Yeah..that is the hard one..cause there is no one there to say "one more" or tell me that I am doing a good job..or to push me, or even to know that I did not do that last rep....but after I got into this I started to WANT IT...and while i still need my accountability partners....doing this about LIVING and taking care of me...and making this space in our home is making a space for me/us to LIVE! :)

So, I while the area has to be clear to do planks and push ups, jumping jacks and butt kicks....there is art on the wall...a computer to play some images to motivate and, some things that make this environment feel embracing...It is a special place full of light and air and I can take this to the next level.

I am so psyched and love to get into it! 

home gym

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Just Keepin It Real, Folks! said...

Dang, you have a Bosu ball. I'm jealous!!!