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Day 634: Greater than through love and support

I wish that throughout this week I had tried to capture some of what was going on, but it was just so intense. I knew that I had been offered a new opportunity career wise over a week ago and was asked not to share it as there was another candidate who needed to be informed and they wanted to be able to send something out as well about the new hire.

It was difficult trying to serve notice at UNCW and deal with all the emotional issues that are involved with that and not be able to share it all at the same time. This has been my home for 13.33 years. I have been with my director/mentor/friend/and true inspiration for that length of is no easy thing to leave. But it is, deep in my soul, what I know I need to do. I have enjoyed some of the greatest growth of my life in this job. Funny, I have become more of an adult in this job that in my whole life. The students are....they are the inspiration for a spark in me that will never go away! They are truly our hope and I have literally 1000's whom I will never forget and will ALWAYS be about the business of giving back to! There will always be a way to link what I do now to students, to resource the best for them, to make the best for all. We grow as communities because of the way we educate our youth and help them move to adulthood. That will ALWAYS be a thread in everything I do.

Then on Monday, I was finally able to share the news and what followed was without a doubt one of the most humbling experiences I could have ever had: one after another, the good wishes, the love, the support just flowed. It was amazing...and I mean from EVERYWHERE. I found my self just filled up, overflowing and...well..grateful. Not one person gave me pause. Not one person...not one...was not supportive in their comments. It get it.

With all the joblessness in the world, with all the issues of folks who are far more qualified than me not finding positions, I was hesitant to share leaving one job for a new one. But this was and is about a next step more than a job. It is about, as all things are for me, a very cool coming together of some things that just were meant to. and so, I knew it was ok.

I am taking a step that I have not taken ever...and making a change in leaving the university system that I have not made in over 16 years. But what was so great, so extraordinary is that this is coming as yet another outcome, another growth of wellness.  I have heard all about those folks who write books on the power of attraction and positive thinking etc. I am sure they are great. What I know to be true just in my own experience is that over these years of recognizing negative thinking and working towards changing the way I think, relying on a power much greater than myself, living one day at a time, understanding more and more the empowerment of powerlessness, and the power of "showing up", I have been a part of some things that I dreamed of and am now doing.

I have no idea what the outcome is going to be and there are HUGE challenges ahead, but there is this a sense of wonder, a sense of excitment, and there is this Challenge..and in all of it, there is something that feeds my soul and makes me feel like I am a part of creating change that makes a difference. Oh GOD! it is so good and I am baffled, bedazzled, and bewildered sometimes as to the wonder of the gift of it all...I just have to "one day at a time" earn these gifts" and make sure to stay grounded and moving in a direciton that stays true. To have the kind of support and love and that feeling of love that was and is overwhelming this week gives me every indication that that is exactly what is going to transpire!

Anyway, there is so much more going on and so much more to write, but I am going to leave now and get off to the beach for a meeting! Sunday Fellowship!
Below is an article I was sent on Fall Foods that I really liked and wanted to share!
Thanks be!

As the foliage starts to turn colors here in North Carolina, we may notice a change in the foods our bodies crave. The desire for an ice popsicle just might be replaced by a yearning for a warm bowl of soup. In Chinese medicine consuming foods that correspond to each season is a way to create harmony and balance in the body. Fruits and vegetables contain the most concentrated nutrients and flavor when they are consumed in season. Autumn is the perfect time to try new produce that is packed with delicious phytochemicals to keep your taste buds and health in shape throughout the entire season!

Whether you enjoy apple picking or perusing through a pumpkin patch, you will fall into health with these tasty picks!

An Apple a Day Keeps the Weight Away

These shiny gems are not just for your teacher anymore! A recent USDA-funded study assigned 160 women from ages 45 to 60 to eat dried apples daily for one year. The results demonstrated a 23% drop in LDL cholesterol and lower levels of C-reactive protein and lipid hydroperoxide. The women dropped an average of three pounds, despite consuming the extra calories from the dried apples. This miracle fruit may be enjoyed raw, dried, or baked, but limit the apple pies if you want the full benefits.

Tasty Tip: Chop a crispy apple into your hot oatmeal and sprinkle with walnuts and your favorite spices for a boost of fiber and heart-healthy omega three fatty acids.

Brussels Sprouts Defend from Cancer and Disease

You may want to rethink feeding Fido your Brussels sprouts under the table! Countless studies link Brussels sprouts to cancer prevention and protection from disease. Chock full of vitamin A, C, E, and powerful antioxidants, it is time to invite these mini cabbages back to your dinner table. Their cardio protective and anti-inflammatory benefits make them a perfect fall side dish. You may also want to try a variety of cabbages for their digestive health benefits. Studies demonstrate that cabbage contains a multitude of nutrients that benefit our stomach and intestinal linings.

Delicious Dish: For a colorful meal, shred red and green cabbage together. Then add some sesame oil, lemon juice, and your favorite spices. Enjoy with baked fish for a wholesome meal packed with phytonutrients and flavor!

Root Your Way to Health

If you love to chomp on bright orange carrot sticks or savor the terrific taste of turnips, you will be happy to take advantage of the root vegetables that are staples of the fall season. Tasty tubers like sweet potatoes, yams, cassava, and taro pack a punch of potassium, fiber, beta-carotene, iron, and folic acid, supporting a healthy immune system. Baking, roasting, or adding these delicious roots to stews is a great way to enjoy these nutrient powerhouses. Make a mélange of roasted beets, turnips, rutabaga, and parsnips for a low-fat side dish that will keep your belly—and taste buds—satisfied.

Chew on This: Beets contain powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, thanks to betalains, the pigment that gives them their deep red hue. Grate raw beets into your favorite salad or steam and serve them with lemon juice and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil for a tasty side dish.

The Perfect Pear for an Antioxidant Boost

In season through October, this juicy and sweet fruit comes in a variety of colors and textures. This fragrant fruit is a member of the rose family and is a great source of copper and vitamin C, which can help protect our bodies from free radical damage. To enjoy the full antioxidant benefits of pears, it is best to eat them ripe. How to tell if it is ripe? Check the neck! Gently press your thumb against the neck. If it yields to slight pressure, it should be ready to eat. Pears are also an excellent source of dietary fiber, which has been shown to promote colon and cardiovascular health.

Mouthwatering Meal: Add a chopped pear to a warm bowl of quinoa, sprinkle with toasted sunflower seeds, and drizzle with honey.

Yours in good health,
Robert Kienitz, D.Ac.
Atlantic Acupuncture and Island Wellness Clinics

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