Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 456: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

If you are having the stress filled fun that I am having this week all I can say is run your butt off and it will get better! :) I swear to you that no better gift has come to me than th release of getting on that bike and literally tearing up the road or running!

It is not a bad thing, this stress..it is just that time of year and i am always a bad planner! I know that it is going to be hectic at work, but of course I still have to have a bunch of others stuff going on as well! Lol! But what is different right now is that I really do have a release valve that is so wonderful! Last night when I finally got home I hit the road with my bike. It was after 6 so I did not want to run, but I still wanted to make it to the beach..so off I went! I could feel the world melting off of me as the air and the what was left of the sun hitting me as I went through the neighborhood and then down the bike path! It was great! I had funny, funky music in my ears and it was just flat out freeing!

I got to the loop, and while it was a work out, I just reveled in it and rode two loops and then back home..15 miles in all in an hour and it was awesome!

This morning I got up and headed in to the gym started my day with a run with Adam of about 3 miles. I was looking forward to catching up after a great weekend, but I have to admit I was not looking forward to the run. About and eighth of a mile in, it felt great and I really enjoyed it and it has set the tone for the whole day! What a blessing!

I guess the long and the short of it is that no matter what is going on, this is essential now. It is actually what keeps me at an even keel and creates for me some sense of pace and release. I keep saying that word..but that is what it feels like. Whatever is happening..there is a cleansing that goes on..there is something that happens that just makes me feel better.

If you had every asked me if I would be in this place with this stuff..I would have said you were insane..but here I am...nice!

thanks be!

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