Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 454: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

I said it in one of the vlog videos that follow that this morning's weather is perfect to exemplify this week...overcast but clearing. Starting out "weirdy", there have been some amazing moments that have brought about some events that have been "clear" and beautiful!

Most moving this week were a couple of friends who either through sharing on their own blogs or facebook talked about struggling or hitting road blocks in their journey's for health and wellness this week and being able to share my own admiration for them, but more importantly that empathy that comes from knowing what it is like to hit a bump in the road and knowing that it is "us" that helps to get past that. Both of these folks, whether they knew it then or not, inspired me becuase they were not giving up or giving fact both, despite having hit a snag were still "showing' up for exercise..doing good things for themselves..and still talking it through. I said to them and I will say again, that takes courage! It was awesome to see and helped me to get out of myself and move through my week as well.

The week was overwhelming at work and it is going to be for a while. It is just the nature of this time of year and it is more important than ever to make sure that I am keeping my priorities straight and taking care to take time to rest, to exercise, to eat sanely. We have snacks around the office....not terrible snacks..but they are the same things that I have talking about for so long...the triscuits, the wheat things, the nuts etc...even though they are healthier..when I get wound up and stressed I want to fill up with snacks and I have to be careful...BREATHE and not grab things to slow me down. I made a connection this past week that I had not made before and really did not have time to think much about it..but until I was 30 I smoked. I had not realized that I eat...or should I say snack...much like I smoked. The "habit" is very similar. Here I am 14 years later and it hits me that much like smoking, eating has that same "habit" feel to it. I am not sure exactly what to do with that..but I needed to write that down before I forgot it. I plan on working with that in the days ahead. I know that throughout this journey with all the changes, snacking continues to be an issue that has not found a resolve and this whole "habit" thing may be something that can help me.

Friday, was an amazing day...I got to go to the Garden Party. No, the garden party in and of itself was not the amazing was how I felt. About a month and half to two months ago when the seer sucker suits came out I bought one...a size smaller than I was. I wanted for Easter to be able to wear it. I have not had on something like this since 1995. It may sound silly, but it was important to me. When I got dressed on Friday and not only did it fit, it was comfortable, I looked in the mirror and i liked, more than I have in years, what I saw. It was a feeling I have not had in years. I felt ok...good. It was nice. And so when I got to the Garden Party and I saw people that I love and care about, it was such a great feeling just to be with them. Just to hang out and enjoy the Spring day. What a blessing. While at the party Lenny Simpson sought me out. It was humbling that he was after me. But he grew up next door to Althea Gibson and he wanted to share with a glad heart how much it meant to him that the tennis complex was named for her....To see his hear him and know what it meant to it good. So much is worth it all when you see that kind of joy.

I went back to work and on my way back I literally welled up with such a glad heart that I felt like I was going to burst. Then the phone rang. It was a friend telling me of another blessing..where a connection had created another opportunity for him after so much change and so much work for good and added to my own joy was that of another. I lost it...just so..not happy..not even grateful...just overwhelmed by what good CAN happen if I get out of the way and SEE it. when the day was over I celebrated by having time on the intracoastal in my Kayak and then Michael and I had dinner. What a day! amazing!
Saturday morning I got up and headed straight for the River. Here was another goal I have Kayak on the river. I have only ridden the Henrietta to date..never been on my own boat and always wanted to. So, off I went.

I got to Dram Tree Park and the new boat launch and the new Kayak launch...another great thing to come out of our work on the Advisory Board...and it took my breath away. The river runs swiftly and the cape fear memorial bridge is a little bigger than the draw bridge at Wrightsville. But I moved forward. I launched from the kayak launch and was off.

Once on the river, I found out that it is a work out..but the pay off is amazing and the drift back is amazingly easy!

So, today i went to the "do it for Doolittle" ride at Murray Middle School. This past week a father and son were struck and killed by a drunk driver on river road. It was beyond tragic. What exacerbated this was some of the talk about how we should take out bike lanes or how there should be less bicyclists etc. I was agog at the lack of talk about drunk driving. The lack of talk about those who defend the drunk drivers...and even more so those who were not crying out for MORE bicycle lanes and paths and routes. Then, there appeared a facebook group that was planning a ride in honor of those two...and in leaps and bounds folks were pouring into it and onto it. It was stunning and the converstaion was about drunk driving (and believe me, I may have only been 21..but I understand but for the grace of God go I), good stewardship of our roadways and education of others about safety...etc. It was awesome! I had to go! I had to be a part of this and boy am I glad that I did! hundreds upon hundreds showed up today...It made me so proud to be a part of this community! So proud of Tom CLifford, the proud to know that folks can show up and be there in times when there needs to be awareness and support! It was amazing!

I wretched my back a little when I got home and had to rest a little..but am doing better was awesome overall.

It is going to be an amazing week and one day at a time.....well....I am just grateful to be here!

What a life!

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