Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Annual Thanksiving Tradition 2019: Year 20: 2000 Things I am Thankful For.

Thanksgiving tradition 2019: year 20: 2000 things I am grateful


Annual Thanksgiving Tradition:


20 Years ago I sent out a “gratitude” list of 100 things I was grateful in Wilmington that year. It was met with great success as it spurred others to think about the positive and create perspective that might not always be in focus.


Each year since, I have made a new list (times the number of years I have been doing it) and include groups, things, organizations, service, and places. (Names are only used in reference to gifts..don't go looking  your name! LOL! :)


I GENERATE A NEW LIST EACH YEAR.  This is stream of consciousness, and I try and write it as close together as I can. It is a wonderful and meaningful journey.


Regardless of what my circumstances might be, regardless of what events may occur in my life, it is a tradition I will continue, because, I/we am/are blessed and it is worth remembering, offering thanksgiving, and sharing with each other!


 I hope it will spark a list of your own and feel free to steal mine!


I am grateful :


  1. My God, my higher power, my creator and sustainer, who loves me, made me, imperfectly and beautifully just as I am.
  2. over 30 years, happy, joyous and free, one day at a time.
  3. my family
  4. the love of my life and the best friend I have ever known
  5. 23 years of marriage
  6. The cabin in Leicester
  7. Sitting on the front porch in the rockers and listening to the rain
  8. Driving on the parkway
  9. All the patience as I take pictures of every flower and butterfly
  10. Watching you with jax
  11. Seeing the bond and love while you walk together
  12. Seeing the joy in you with your mom
  13. Hearing you on the phone with her
  14. Seeing such honor and care with your mother
  15. Being witness to such care  students
  16. Being witness to such care  fellow faculty
  17. watching you give and do so much to fight against discrimination
  18. seeing you speak out
  19. being with someone who will not allow it just to be without notice
  20. the care I am offered and given
  21. the coffees made
  22. the trips to get food picked up
  23. the little piles you make
  24. the toys that bring you joy knowing you have
  25. the order to the books
  26. your love of throws like your mother
  27. your love of reading
  28. the toast made
  29. the trash taken out
  30. the clothes picked up
  31. the trash taken to the street
  32. all the walks jax has had
  33. the moments of patience
  34. the moments of understanding
  35. the ability to be the most I can be
  36. the ability to have trust and never worry
  37. the ability to be trustworthy and give that back
  38. the ability to be of help
  39. the ability to be allowed to help
  40. the ability to be wrong and make amends
  41. the ability to be heard
  42. the ability to debate and discuss hard things
  43. the humor
  44. every minute just sitting
  45. every minute just watching the birds
  46. keeping our life more simple
  47. keeping our life giving
  48. the gifts
  49. the ability to give
  50. the love languages and understanding even more
  51. hearing you laugh
  52. seeing you enjoy a new game
  53. hearing you say “munster”
  54. letting me cook  you
  55. allowing me to change up our eating and enjoying it with me
  56. every hug
  57. every moment just being
  58. watching you at the book sales
  59. enjoying all the movies
  60. just spending a day “going around”
  61. the gray coming in
  62. taking down Christmas
  63. every single rubix cube
  64. seeing the wagging tail walking next to you
  65. seeing you read and immersed in something you love
  66. seeing you so comtable in your daddy’s chair at your mother’s house
  67. time in best buy
  68. time in barnes and noble
  69. your patience with me in Ivy Cottage
  70. your patience with me in Home Goods
  71. your big eyes when you want “muffins”
  72. iinx..1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10….
  73. Our prayers together
  74. Your faith
  75. Our faith
  76. Our sharing ideas of faith and hope
  77. Seeing and growing in that faith
  78. Just you
  79. All the love in my life
  80. The best step dad ever
  81.  spending time with him
  82.  the stories and lessons of a life lived well
  83. Harold’s posts on facebook
  84. Harold’s writings and words that bring so much care in the world, but  me
  85. Harold being able to go to alabama and mexico beach mr. cozart passed
  86. The connection and joy of family and ties that bind
  87. Trish and the joy of friendship and love in all times
  88. Sharing time over dinners together
  89. Exploring new ways of living
  90. Still having a parent to tell good news too who understands so much of where it all comes from
  91. So much love and care from one man
  92. Good health
  93. Dr. Boyan Georgiev and taking care of those I love
  94. Pam at the Senior Center
  95. The Cape Fear Humanists
  96. The connection of the meet ups and watching that connection
  97. Sharing the perspective of the world and knowing it is going to be ok
  98. My family of blood
  99. The life of Carl Dean still coming up as I travel public service
  100. The connection through facebook and Instagram
  101. Seeing little cousin brooke prosper
  102. Sharing our ancient pictures and seeing each other in them
  103. The Fuquay facebook group
  104. Not taking  granted the good that comes from that history
  105. Knowing some truth in where I came from and finding comt in it
  106. Not being afraid of just seeing one side of who we are
  107. Knowing where I came from and being connected
  108. Seeing cousin elaine and bob traverse the world
  109. Sharing the moments of the best nieces thrive as the best mothers
  110. Seeing the great nephews be amazing
  111. Seeing my sister so happy
  112. Seeing my brother in law be the amazing leader and gan
  113. Seeing the cousins doing well
  114. The life of Judy lived well in them
  115. Jerry still with us
  116. The amazing work of cousin david
  117. Seeing so much of the Austin’s in david
  118. The daily dram
  119. David’s show this year
  120. The amazing work and drawings of Wilmington of David’s
  121. Seeing other cousins thriving in changing the course in some family issues
  122. All their beautiful children
  123. Having a home where I can connect with family in pictures and “things”
  124. Seeing the portraits in the morning on the way to the bath room
  125. Touching the box mom made as a young woman.
  126. Having her Carolina picture at my bedside
  127. The desiderata she made to see each day
  128. The angle on my lamp she gave me
  129. The drawings of the farm by cousin david
  130. The first piece of art I every bought from cousin david
  131. The hands over our door m Elin
  132. The words Gandhi of to guide us out of our home each day from Elin
  133. The feel of the throw on my lap as I sit in my chair
  134. Jax curling up in my lap when its cold
  135. Just sitting at home, side by side watching tv
  136. Watching poirot
  137. Watching midsummer murders
  138. Tolerating mst3k or whatever else Michael and chosen and being happy  it J
  139. The sound of silence in the house
  140. Having both alexa and google to order around and ask questions
  141. Having a home period
  142. Having air when its hot
  143. Having air when its cold
  144. Having fans to move air around
  145. Having running water, no matter the condition of the water these days
  146. Having access to filtered water
  147.  tidal creek’s filtered water and bottles  it
  148. Having a hot water heater
  149. Having a dishwasher
  150. Having dishes
  151. Having pots and pans
  152. Having utensils
  153. Having cups, plates, and other items to dine on and with
  154. Having food
  155. Having fresh vegetables
  156. Having fresh fruit
  157. The market street produce stand
  158. The most amazing blackberries this year at the market street produce stand
  159. The scuppernong grapes at the produce stand
  160. Having great memories of scuppernong grapes from Billy Kinton’s vines and the summers in that field by Marshal’s house..and all the grapes we would eat
  161. The fresh blue berries and tons of them
  162. The sweetness of the blue berries at lewis this year
  163. Devouring blueberries by the carton this summer and having them just around the corner
  164. The produce box delivered each week with fresh vegetables
  165. The unbelievable fresh corn this year
  166. Having fresh tomatoes delivered our house
  167. Having access to multiple grocery stores
  168. Having access to a car to get to places
  169. Being able to afd gas
  170. Having a gas station right around the corner from the house
  171. The gas prices staying pretty stable this year
  172. Not having to worry about being able to put gas in our cars
  173. Not having to worry about maintenance on our cars
  174. Having good tires on our cars
  175. Being able to get in the car and go
  176. The best service any where at Parkway
  177. Guierrmo and all he does  us at Parkway
  178. The leadership of Mary Margaret at Parkway in the community
  179. Being able to work with the folks we deal with on our car in person
  180. Having a car we can move things around in
  181. Having a car we can travel with Jax in
  182. Having jax travel in our car with us
  183. Having the paper delivered to our home
  184. Being able to pay our light bills and bills
  185. Not having to make hard choices on our bills and food
  186. Having electricity
  187. Having internet
  188. Having a roof that does not leak
  189. Having the skylight
  190. All the light in the house
  191. The crystals in the windows
  192. All the rainbows in the house at different times of days
  193. The crepe myrtle from mom and harolds yard in Raleigh flourishing
  194. Our crepe myrltle our front
  195. My bird bath
  196. All the little chimes in the wind
  197. The yard art
  198. The david in the yard
  199. The giant pin wheel
  200. The cover over the porch this year
  201. All the time siting out back this Spring together
  202. The squirrell ballet trying to get to the bird seed
  203. The flowers doing so well this year
  204. All the flowers from the Plant Plant Place flourishing
  205. Dee from the plant place
  206. Spending mothers day with Mrs. Freeze at the plant place
  207. Getting flowers  Mrs.Freeze
  208. Having Mrs. Freeze so close by
  209. Hearing michael enjoy talking to her all the time
  210. Sharing time and dinner with her
  211. Arguing about paying  dinner with Mrs. Freeze
  212. Michael opening the door  me when I come home
  213. Find a friend and seeing me where I am on my way home
  214. Checking out where I am on my run or on the beach
  215. Knowing I am on my way
  216. Knowing we are not far a part or worried about one another
  217. Having the lights on when I come home and its dark
  218. Seeing the lights on in the house at night
  219. All the art in the house
  220. The special pottery from the hands of people we have connected with
  221. Our Dumay owl
  222. Our Dumay SeaHawk
  223. Our Dumay Sanddolllar
  224. Our Dumay Hummingbird
  225. The winged angel
  226. The visuals of so many I admire
  227. The art of Virginia Wright Frierson
  228. The photography  Harold Hodges
  229. The art of Sully Anlyan
  230. The Art of Elizabeth Singletary
  231. The art of Elizabeth Darrow
  232. The art of Donnie Wrights
  233. The art of Bradley carter Carter
  234. My art on our walls
  235. The Art of Elin O’hara Slavick
  236. The art of Karl Saliter
  237. The art of Rick Mobbs
  238. The life of rick mobbs and how very much I miss him
  239. The art of david Norris
  240. The art of the whirligig
  241. The art of God in shells and compositions
  242. The Art and creations of Marie Walker
  243. The art of Jim Downey
  244. The art of Todd Carnigan
  245. The art of Hirsohi
  246. The art of aaron wilcox
  247. The art of liz hosier
  248. Acme art studio
  249. Art  the masses
  250. The orange street festival
  251. The harbor island garden club azalea festival art in the park
  252. Blue moon shops
  253. Art in bloom
  254. All of the good shows at art in bloom
  255. the featured shows in other area by art in bloom
  256. the WHQR earney gallery
  257. the Wilma Daniels Gallery at CFCC
  258. Harold’s show at art in bloom
  259. Having a home that withstood hurricane dorian
  260. Having a home with a little garden
  261. Our little garden coming back after hurricane Florence
  262. The great work of Capt. Barnette and his lawn service
  263. Our beautiful, resilient magnolia, coming back after almost being lost ever
  264. The hundreds of birds revisiting
  265. The sweet smell of the flowers this year
  266. Jax having a place to go out in the back  little visits
  267. Having a home that jax can live in and be comtable
  268. security cameras
  269. security in our home
  270. having a bed to sleep in
  271. having sheets
  272. having blankets
  273. having pillows
  274. having toiletries
  275. having indoor toilets
  276. having city sewer and sanitation
  277. having trash pick up
  278. having recycling
  279. having regular patrols in the neighborhood of city police
  280. Wilmington Police Department
  281. The NHC 911
  282. Being able to call 911 and get an answer and service
  283. The incredible responsiveness of NHC 911
  284. furniture to sit on and use
  285. home that is treated  bugs
  286. neighborhood that have irrigation
  287. having storm water maintenance
  288. having landscaping in and around our neighborhood
  289. having a retention pond that is beautiful and well maintained
  290. having private streets in the neighborhood we can monitor and control
  291. having lighting that we can read by
  292. home that has a floor and flooring
  293.  a stove that works
  294.  an oven that works
  295. a refrigerator
  296. having laundry in our home
  297.  having different clothes to wear
  298. having shoes
  299. having shoes to run in
  300. having rain gear
  301.  having smaller clothes to wear!
  302. being able to get into size 36-38s! J
  303. being able to have a closet where things are organized
  304. all the books in our house
  305. the love of books
  306. having time to spend together
  307. having a house of things that we know and not just own
  308. staying in the townhouse we built
  309. the candlelit moods
  310. the bubble tub moments
  311. having space if needed
  312. having space to hide what we cannot deal with at the moment
  313. the Christmas closet
  314. the Christmas tree that has 23 years of memories
  315. the nativity collection
  316. The gift of a nativity from a dear friend
  317. the revelation of the greatest hope throughout the world
  318. our first ornaments from chapel hill
  319. the angels from each year around the top of the tree
  320. the white Madonna
  321. the chalk figures from grandmother’s house
  322. each crystal ornament
  323. all the crystal pieces and their light
  324. my very first nativity that mother gave me when I was in my 20s
  325. the feeling we get when it is all up and out and enjoy it
  326. the Christmas clock and tunes at each striking hour
  327. sending Christmas cards
  328. receiving Christmas cards
  329. Becca’s Bounty
  330. Shopping together for these and remembering mother
  331. Shopping together for these and remembering daddy
  332. Shopping together for these and remembering Mr. freeze
  333. The work of Chiquita
  334. The amazing senior resource center of new hanover county
  335. Coming over and seeing the hundreds and hundreds of gifts to the seniors in homes
  336. The home delivered meals program
  337. Cowboy randy coming each year and doing the fundraiser for the senior center
  338. The home delivered meal volunteers
  339. The home delivered meals being funded by donations
  340. The vita volunteers
  341. Being able to do trainings for the vita volunteers
  342. Seeing the impact of doing taxes for those in need through the senior center
  343. The impact of our senior center and all the programing
  344. Having a new satellite center for the senior center
  345. The prescription drug program at the senior center
  346. The work of pam wall and reducing the impact on prescription drugs to seniors
  347. The connection of the delivered meals and those staying in home
  348. the Senior Center Giving
  349. the Miracle league opportunity to adopt a player
  350. ways to make the holidays about sharing and being a part of the world around us
  351. seeing other people’s trees
  352. driving around looking at  lights
  353. going to mike’s farm last year
  354. enjoying the hay ride
  355. the phenomenal lights at Mike’s farm
  356. the cute Christmas Show at the farm
  357. just being together at Mike’s farm
  358. all the memories of the giant and wonderfully colorful family trees at mother’s
  359. all the memories of the notes from santa that mother would write
  360. all the baked goods mother would make  us
  361. Mexican wedding cookies
  362. the nuts and fruits in little bowls
  363. the oranges in our stockings
  364. all the pottery bowls with treats and goodies  all
  365.  our remembrance tree
  366.  having little pieces of gifts on that tree of those we love
  367.  my willie Stargell bracelet
  368. the little image of mrs. Weller
  369. my image of windell
  370. my image of beth Quinn
  371. my prayer from Tracy brown
  372. my remembrances  
  373. my necklage from mother
  374. daddy’s company pin
  375. popa’s glasses
  376. wearing popa’s glasses when I am santa
  377. being able to share Christmas as santa with the city at greenfield
  378. being able to share Christmas as santa with the miracle league
  379. the eyes  those children looking at santa
  380.  being able to ride in the fire truck as santa
  381.  being santa  families
  382.  being santa on the phone  folks
  383.  being santa at the fire station
  384. being santa  the women at Katherine’s house
  385. the privilege of hearing children give their heart’s joy
  386. the little gifts to santa from the children
  387. the connection with the parents over the “right” gift
  388. being santa with paws4people
  389. the amazing puppies with paws4people
  390. the joy of sharing the seat with the puppies
  391. the work of paws4people
  392. Carson
  393. The leadership of Aquesta Bank in serving the community
  394. My sock monkey ornament from Kiki
  395. The santa from mexico from mother
  396. The ornaments from paws  People
  397. Memories of mother’s care at christmas
  398. the wrapped gifts so beautifully wrapped and prepared with love
  399. mom and harold’s bubble lights
  400. letting go a little more this year of things we don’t need
  401.  making our way to what we want and how we want it
  402.  dinner at the table
  403.  having a table  dinner
  404.  having space to create
  405.  having space to make music
  406.  all the music in the house
  407.  the click of jax nails on the floor
  408.  being greeted at the door with a gift from jax coming home
  409. Pulling on the pull toy with my strong boy
  410. Holding paws to make sure we are near by
  411. Always lying near
  412. Getting used to his new chair in the library
  413. Finding him sitting on the couch when we come home
  414. all the little sounds jax makes
  415. jax’s deep sighs of resignation
  416. the deep and abiding empathy of Jax when we need him the most
  417. the amazing way he snuggles up tightly in bed to make sure we are ok
  418. seeing him welcomed in all the restaurants in Asheville on our trip
  419. seeing him so happy in the library in Asheville enjoying himself
  420. having him climb a mountain with me
  421. Being able to check in on him on camera when we are not home
  422.  the flourishing flowers this year at the door
  423.  the lights in the tree at Christmas
  424.  the laser lights!
  425. The little lights from the lasers coming through the transom and bouncing all over
  426. The wreath on the door from mother
  427. all your boxes and the treasures you know you have
  428.  the prayer knook and sacred space
  429. the light coming through the stained glass
  430.  little oil picture of the two shadow figures on our bedroom wall
  431.  having movies to watch
  432. Having games to play
  433. All the little remembrances of our journeys
  434. The little connections to our families
  435. Connections all around to the past
  436. New items that are just ours
  437. New gadgets that make our new life of WFPB easier
  438. nespresso
  439. air fried
  440. the little table in the kitchen  breakfast in the morning
  441. having a little routine in the morning
  442. jax’s internal clock
  443. his little twist of the head listening for his food
  444. jax’s drool waiting to have our plate after we are done
  445. my being able to give him a few treats (treat daddy)
  446. having an iphone
  447. having programs for meditation
  448. being connected to people
  449. texts and being able to be connected quickly
  450. having access to folks quickly and easily
  451. being able to pay for our phone continuously
  452. being able to have a provider that is constant and does not fail
  453. being able to have internet and data on our phones
  454. not having to be limited in our phone
  455. facebook
  456. yes, facebook.
  457. The connection with fried for over 40 years
  458. The connection with family
  459. Being able to share the good in the world
  460. The ability to share what is happening
  461. The ability to see the good in other lives
  462. The health and resilience of Andy
  463. The love of Andy and Jeff and perservence and care
  464. The love and perserverence and care of David and Randy
  465. The health and resilience of Randy
  466. The career and success of Randy Lee
  467. Being able to see Randy on the news
  468. Seeing Randy and David take on a new part of their lives in a place they love
  469. Seeing Jeff and Ed thrive in leading in the community
  470. Sage Wilmington
  471. The Sage Events throughout making such a different for so many
  472. Seeing the leadership of the Frank Harr Foundation really have a difference in the community
  473. The life and legacy of Frank Harr
  474. The life and Legacy of Bob Jenkins
  475. The visitor center being named for Bob Jenkins
  476. The Castle Street district thriving
  477. The leadership of Michael Moore moving forward
  478. The leadership of Joey Hall
  479. The annual Pride event being another smash
  480. The inclusivity and thriving movement really moving forward in a positive way
  481. The gathering of stonewall kickball
  482. The giving back to the community through stonewall kickball
  483. The inclusive spaces like Bottega
  484. the leadership of shelley o’rourke
  485. the joy of watching TR and his success
  486. bringing the Quilt to Wilmington
  487. all the places that have shown pieces of the quilt
  488. the quilt that hangs in the UNCW Collection that was made years ago
  489. using that piece in the current discussions
  490. having a new group making new panels and celebrating that opportunity
  491. continuing a much needed discussion about HIV/AIDS
  492. the life’s work and recognizing Tony Rivenbark
  493. the leadership of Shane Fernando
  494. the amazing Wilson Center
  495. the amazing productions we have attended
  496. the wilson center working with the county to make special deals
  497. Airlie Gardens
  498. Enchanted airlie
  499. Doing enchanted airlie when its cold
  500. The blue trees in the garden
  501. The new additions each year
  502. The snow machine
  503. The singing trees especially when their little mouths make o shapes to sing
  504. The lights cast on the moss in the oaks
  505. The music being played
  506. The bottle house lit up
  507. Being able to walk around the bottle house
  508. The sculptures lit up and shining in the night
  509. Sharing stories in the park with strangers
  510. Going the garden party this year
  511. Wearing the hottest blazer ever made by the Gentlemen’s corner! J
  512. Not eating BBQ and Chicken at the garden party and not missing it! J
  513. Loving the camellias in airlie
  514. The azaleas this year…so amazing
  515. The arboretum
  516. The tea house in the arboretum
  517. The ability garden
  518. The walks in the garden
  519. Katherine’s coy pond
  520. The coy at the aroboretum
  521. The coy at the arboretum being on a diet
  522. The leadership of Lloyd Singletary
  523. The master gardener program
  524. The NHC Parks system
  525. The incredible care that is taken in our parks
  526. Having inland greens open now
  527. All the golf balls collected in my mother in laws back yard
  528. The lovely walk in inland greens
  529. Halyburton park
  530. Tama Tea
  531. Mayfaire being so close by
  532. Delta behavioral Mental Health Practice
  533. The mental health practice of Carrie Clements
  534. The mental health practice of ben baldwin
  535. The mental health practice of louise Coggins
  536. The mental health practice of Marion Gittings
  537. The mental health practice of Tony Puente
  538. The massage therapy practice of Charles Watts
  539. One of the most talented and spiritual practitioners of care in Charles Watts
  540. Tame the mane hair cuts
  541. Seeing a former honors student flourish with Casa Blanca coffee shop
  542. Seeing Allison Eggleston have such an amazing practice in Denistry
  543. Watching the success of Tony harrington
  544. Seeing tony become a deacon
  545. The outreach of first Presbyterian and welcoming congregation
  546. The inclusion of universalist Unitarians
  547. The inclusion of St. Paul’s
  548. The inclsion of Church of the servant
  549. The inlclusion and welcome of St. Jude’s
  550. The inclusion and welcome of Temple Bethel
  551. The inclusion and welcome of first Christian
  552. The inclusion and welcome of unity
  553. The beauty of the riverwalk
  554. Spending july fourth on Wilmington water tours
  555. The Wilmington water tours boat and tours
  556. The best of Wilmington on the water with the folks at Wilmington water tours.
  557. The city making sure to have fireworks on the fourth of july
  558. The amazing fireworks display on the fourth off the battleship
  559. The ghost trees along the river
  560. The river park up in castle hayne
  561. The kayak launch in Carolina beach state park
  562. The runs through Carolina beach state park
  563. Sugar loaf in Carolina beach state park
  564. Finding new discoveries of beauty and scenery in Carolina beach state park
  565. The view from the top of the bluff in Carolina beach state park
  566. To wake in the am to a new day with hope
  567. having vitamins at the ready to take
  568. Frans Fans
  569. Frances Weller on WECT
  570. Sharing the stage with Frances, Big B and others from Cummulus at the heart walk
  571. Tracy mccullen and his amazing run backwards for the boys and club
  572. Windell being honored by the Boys and Girls Club
  573. Being honored to be included to speak at the event that honored Windell
  574. The service of Wilma to UNCW
  575. The service of
  576. being able to bath and shower in our home
  577. not hearing gunshots at night
  578. having some security in the neighborhood
  579. being on relatively high ground
  580. good drainage in the neighborhood
  581. having a fence in the back yard  some privacy
  582. good neighbors
  583. still having a couple of neighbors nearby who are in the neighborhood when we built 20 years ago
  584. living in the same home for 20 years
  585. have a sense of place
  586. being able to look around and see and remember so many things that have happened in our home
  587. feeling so good when walking in the door
  588. the smell of home
  589. the smell of a homecooked meal
  590. my cooking being better than eating out
  591. not having issues with neighbors
  592. having good relations with our neighbors
  593. paved streets in our neighborhoods
  594. paved streets that are not full of potholes or that are dangerous
  595. having some sidewalks in our immediate neighborhood
  596. having a pool in our neighborhood
  597. having dog stations
  598. being close to family
  599. walkable to grocery
  600. having a home that we can afd
  601. having a home that we actually love and love being in
  602. having a freezer  food
  603. having a place to store things
  604. having things to store
  605. being able to open our windows with little fear
  606. being able to walk our dog without fear
  607. being able to run in the neighborhood
  608. having a neighborhood, we can get out in
  609. being connected by next-door on the app
  610. having an HOA that keeps up  the most part
  611. the intense colors in the trees in the fall
  612. the amazing azaleas in the spring in the neighborhood
  613. so many trees in the neighborhood
  614. so many homes decorating in the holidays and so many lights
  615. a sense of neighborhood
  616. the college acrea neighborhood association
  617. having church of the servant in the neighborhood
  618. church of the servant
  619. getting prayer cards from the team at COS
  620. knowing we are cared about by the parish
  621. the new build of college park elementary
  622. the drop off and pick up on oriole be less dangerous now
  623. having a sense of connection to the area where we live
  624. not living in fear of major crime
  625. not feeling fear from major disruptions on a regular basis
  626. being close enough to work to walk
  627. being close enough to the beach to run
  628. being close enough to the beach to ride my bike
  629. being near enough to the cross city trail
  630.  the cross city trail
  631.  the UNCW cross city trail
  632.  the outer ring I run which is 4 miles
  633.  the inner ring I run whish is 3 miles
  634.  the largest rings I run which is 6 miles
  635.  the back path that goes by and through the woods
  636.  the woods that still exist next to UNCW
  637.  the sittings every once and a while of the hawks
  638.  the siting’s  and being present  the fox
  639.  the beauty of UNCW’s campus
  640.  Dumay’s hawk at the front of campus
  641.  running by the “eye” of the hawk and knowing I am being watched J
  642.  that feeling I get when I hit the two mile mark and I know it is on
  643.  the path through autumn hall
  644. the beauty of the pond
  645. the amazing sunsets over the pond
  646. the clouds over the pond
  647. the feeling of freedom on the eastwood road path
  648. dodging the dotted lines on the bike
  649. the wind whooshing by my body
  650. the childlike freedom of going fast on my bike
  651. the release of my muscles when I run
  652. running on Wrightsville beach
  653. walking on Wrightsville beach
  654. shelling the north end of Wrightsville beach
  655. the feeling of finding the shells that I love the most
  656. the feel of a shell in my fingers
  657. coming across a new m of sea life I have not encountered bee
  658. discovering an octopus this year. Such beauty
  659. so many jelly fish and how fascinating and beautiful they are
  660. the amazing birds on the beach
  661. the pelicans
  662. the shifting shoreline
  663. the shapes in the sand and the designs from the winds and sea
  664. the sun over the shore
  665. the clouds and rays coming through
  666. the sparkle
  667. the feel of the wind on my body as I walk
  668. the rush of the sea on my feet as I walk barefoot
  669. the waist deep step into areas at low tide looking  shells
  670. the “hidden” shells at low tides revealing themselves
  671. the healing of the shore and sand
  672. the connection to others as I walk
  673. the shell collection in the house
  674. the shell sculptures I created and have
  675. the shell meditations in the house to the wrightsville beach loop
  676. the garden on the loop
  677. the extraordinary garden plants in the garden this year
  678. the beautiful roses and smell this year
  679. the bricks in the garden  dear friend
  680. using the Wrightsville beach park as my place of working out to bridge this journey.
  681. The concert in the park
  682. Dancing in Wrightsville beach park
  683. The flotilla
  684. Running the loop
  685. Spending time going down Waynick while running
  686. Tower 7
  687. The best veggie burrito in the world at tower 7
  688. The life and greatness of Josh Vach
  689. The paddle out  Josh
  690. Being on the beach to watch and be present for Josh’s paddle out
  691. For the legacy being preserved by Cindy
  692. The legacy of Josh and all the scholarship and good
  693. The surf board on the wall of all the scholarship winners
  694. King Neptune
  695. Breakfast with the bestie on Sunday mornings
  696. Best veggie omette ever
  697. A restaurant that is willing to work with my nutritional needs (which is not always happening and Neptune is awesome)
  698. Being able to park and walk cause of Ashley
  699. Sitting on the winslow bench and just be at peace
  700. Crossing over the Wb bridge on foot and stopping to see the boats go under
  701. Kayaking with my ornish family
  702. Kayaking and launching from underneath the WB bridge
  703. The living animals in the mud underneath the WB bridge
  704. The freedom on the water in the kayak
  705. Stalking birds in the kayak
  706. Roaming through the islands on kayaks
  707. Going into the reeds away from the motorboats and noise
  708. Sharing pictures of these times with others
  709. My family of choice and the amazing friends
  710. my sister of my soul
  711. her walk through the darkness in light and fierceness
  712.   our walks on the beach
  713. the connection unlike anything I could explain
  714.  understanding myself through her and seeing things in ways I have never seen bee
  715. Being able to connect on the phone as she walks her journey
  716. Being inspired by her
  717. Being inspired by those I care about
  718. Being inspired by those I work with
  719. Being inspired by others
  720. Wanting the success of others
  721. Seeing the success in others
  722. Celebrating the success in others
  723. The growth in others
  724. Seeing the value and the contribution in others
  725. Not being threatened by the value, growth, and success of others
  726. Being trusted
  727. the ability to be of help to those I care and knowing how to and when
  728. seeing someone take risks and build a life
  729. resilience exemplified
  730. the spiritual gift of a friend who shares the world with me
  731. the connection of the “orbs” and knowing we are not alone and care 
  732. the gift of thoughtfulness and care
  733. the gift of sharing the world expressed
  734. the connection of time
  735. the connection of caring
  736. the connection of knowing what is important in the world
  737. the presence of mind of caring about those who care
  738. the team that came through this year as a mation of care
  739. each person on it and all their aces
  740. the interventions and ways aces only gave us compassion and not negative outcomes
  741. understanding aces
  742. the aces connection and making our world better with that connection
  743. the straight talk about issues as they arise
  744. never worrying if things are left unsaid
  745. the rumble
  746. the new articulation of how to manage one day at a time
  747. the tools
  748. the skills
  749. understanding the biological nature of resilience
  750. resources 4 resilience
  751. community resilience model
  752. trauma resource institute
  753. the life’s work of Elaine Miller-Karas
  754. the connection of all of us
  755. the way all the pieces fell into place
  756. the department of Health and Human Services of North Carolina
  757. the Duke Grant
  758. the New Hanover County Resiliency Task force
  759. the monthly meetings of the NHRTF
  760. being a part of working to create a strategy  the task force
  761. working with their teams and seeing a way ward together
  762. the excitement around how to envision a more resilient community
  763. the understanding of historical trauma and the links to work in our area
  764. the work and leadership of Mebane Boyd
  765. the leadership of the steering committee of the NHRTF
  766. Scott Whisnant being recognized by the NAACP
  767. The work of Scott Whisnant
  768. The message resonating from Cliff Barnett to me when I needed it most
  769. The timeliness of the resilience  me when I could hear and receive it
  770. that day when we sat in the Paynter room and CRM was made real  us
  771. those days when R4R were made available to us.
  772. The connection with Meredith and Blue and see how we could do more and build more in the worlds we served with all we were trying to do
  773. Teaching so hard Amy lost her shoe
  774. The leveling power of susan
  775. Watching Robin soar in teaching and the earnest stories and care she brings each time
  776. The applause robin gets and all the love she engenders
  777. The amazing ability to teach at Friends school
  778. Being able to see the new campus at Friends
  779. The leadership of Brenda Esch
  780. Seeing the possible come alive in others outside my own comfort zone
  781. Showing up to teach resilience with a witches hat
  782. learning to embrace the clicker
  783. celebrating the moving car!
  784. Changing it up to meet the need
  785.  the feedback and learning to hear it without taking it too personally
  786. The tears in the room during a training
  787. The safety we create in our training
  788. The resource list that we have created and keeps getting added to
  789. The resources plackards each person makes and some of the art they create
  790. The crayons. And having real crayons
  791. Being beyond the fear of doing something different and seeing it in operation
  792. Living  seeing something move to the next iteration and create more
  793. Hearing back how folks are using what we are sharing and teaching
  794. Getting the texts of how this has changed lives
  795. The deeper dives
  796. The creativity and major changes that are occurring as a result
  797. The DSS Tilt team and the connections
  798. Hearing how they “tilt” each other after losses and trauma
  799. Peer support and care
  800. The Wilmington Thrive Tribes and the work of some of the best social workers making better better  so many
  801. The posts by the Thrive Tribes that make so much good come up
  802. Sharing the connection of resilience
  803. Being honored to speak at the flower launch this year
  804. Being able to give voice to the work that social workers do and the connections that are made from law enhancement, first responders, social workers and all who are there to ensure the best outcomes in the face of violence and abuse
  805. The bright sunshine on the river as the flowers cast on the waves
  806. The social workers who take the task of healing every day of their careers
  807. Doing a ride along with adult protective services
  808. Being able to see a social worker be so forthright, honest, and build integrity with those she serves
  809. See up close and person the trauma and fear of those most vulnerable
  810. Know that there is hope and opportunity offered to those vulnerable
  811. To know that when there are those who will share when they hear something will say something and connect people to resources
  812. To know the extent that the social workers will go to get to the bottom of an issue
  813. To see the care and the concern
  814. To see the self-care and to see resilience being applied
  815. To see good supervision in action
  816. To see good management of all concerned
  817. To see agencies who are responsive when asked questions and want to help and be responsive as well to make sure that those who are responsive can get to the bottom of things.
  818. Sharing remembering to put the mask on ourselves bee we can put it on someone else.
  819. The eight hour sessions of CRM
  820. The two day sessions of resources  Resilience
  821. the moment when I was given restoration
  822. the feeling in my chest, arms and legs when I was told “I would do it and be successful” and I have been
  823. the feeling when I was told “I was enough”
  824. being so vulnerable in teaching restore and letting go more than I ever have in my professional life to good ends
  825. seeing the transformation in others and the connections made
  826. showing up in dorian and making sure the re-sets where in the shelter
  827. putting out the Ichill app in the community
  828. seeing people using the ichill app
  829. the gift of the basic three  the community in dorian
  830. having skills in the shift changes and briefs
  831. having a reset  meetings
  832. the jokes we have now going “off line”
  833. using the hand brain model
  834. sharing the hand brain model with my family and how much it makes a difference
  835. knowing more about basic biology and using that to bring myself and others “online”
  836. using these skills as a way to keep us moving ward
  837. actually feeling “neutral” and positive” and knowing what those feelings are
  838. the magic of the redirect
  839. the power of visual
  840. having resilience integrated into emergency action
  841. placing Resilience trained on appointed shifts
  842. hearing from supervisors how much they appreciated the resilience skills.
  843. integrating resilience into language throughout
  844. the incredible compassion and care of each person
  845. the laughter and joy in the midst of hard time
  846. coming each other
  847. the love we have for each other
  848. the bond in service
  849. the desire to serve
  850. the desire to make a difference
  851. the tears shared among us
  852. the care shared among us
  853. extending that care to do more
  854. being selected to be certified  resilience
  855. the work of Ann DuPre and Mary Lynne
  856. the amazing new hanover group
  857. holding hands and resetting with Tonya
  858. the most revealing certification of my life to date
  859. finding in me something I need to find
  860. finding something I can give myself and offer others
  861. being able to grow professionally and spiritually still
  862. being dovetailed and timely at a critical time in my life
  863. sensing into my own body and feeling where I am and moving ward accordingly
  864. finding new responses and new ways of wellness
  865. sharing that with others
  866. seeing how to re-direct and helping others
  867. using highlight
  868. using and feeling that sense of reality while being positive
  869. not trying to fix
  870. adding more to the journey and in a powerful way
  871. coming to this at a time that I could receive it and be able to facilitate it
  872. bring resilience training in a historic training to NHC and WFD command
  873. the amazing work of the NHC Fire and WFD command
  874. the honor of being involved with any training with the command staff
  875. seeing what we were doing resonate and be received
  876. hard eyes turning to acceptance
  877. stiff body turning to warm handshakes
  878. a nod of the head while standing in front of a quiet crowd
  879. a feeling of energy of connection
  880. the face heart connection
  881. understanding co-regulation
  882. making the connection with concepts and creating more  how to improve work  our employees
  883. seeing connections and being able to articulate them
  884. seeing connections and bringing in experts to make improvement real
  885. working in a place where improvement is a priority
  886. knowing that it is NOT perfect, but there can be progress
  887. knowing that I made the right decision in accepting this grace I was given
  888. seeing in amazing ways how much this path was created and being humbled by it.
  889. knowing I am just a facilitator and a part of the plan
  890. knowing that I am a vessel and responsible for showing up in this
  891. for getting out of the way
  892. for the days I don’t worry about credit
  893. for the days I don’t worry about notice
  894. for the days I don’t worry about who sees
  895. for the days I don’t worry
  896. for knowing that in the end it’s the outcome that matters
  897. for knowing its my actions that will resonate
  898. working somewhere where service is truly key
  899. working in a place where the belief in public service if the priority
  900. working in an environment where the care  those who work there is a priority
  901. working in a place where there will be a priority placed on putting resources behind making improvements  people available.
  902. Having a space to create
  903. Having a job I love
  904. Having a job where I feel like I can make a difference
  905. Having a job where there is a pretty regular week day schedule
  906. Having a job where there are pretty regular day time hours (not having to work overnight unless an emergency)
  907. Having health insurance
  908. Having other benefits
  909. Having a retirement plan
  910. Having sick days
  911. Having vacation days
  912. Having holidays
  913. Being covered by FMLA if needed
  914. Having disability coverage if needed
  915. I NEVER take for granted the benefits I have in my work and am incredibly grateful
  916.  policies and processes that allow me to be successful as a professional in my work
  918. Being allowed to be a part of conversations
  919. Being asked my opinion
  920. Being included in discussions
  921. Being regarded with care
  922. Being known for caring
  923. Being forgiven for not being responsive sometimes
  924.  understanding
  925.  being understood
  926.  growing and continuing to learn
  927.  seeing some of the most difficult of circumstances and learning how to make these part of how we make things better and grow
  928.  connecting the good with the difficult
  929.  being a part of sharing the story of the amazing work that is done everyday
  930.  being allowed to connect those who have with those who need.
  931. Having others come and create with me
  932. My standup desk
  933. A little corner to have for work
  934. Creating a space that has not been bee
  935. Being allowed to think beyond what has been bee
  936. Others coming and sharing that space
  937. Property management at NHC
  938. Seeing a dream come to life
  939. Sharing that dream with others
  940. Having a space at work to make coffee
  941. My work family
  942. My work ‘wives
  943. For the support in team in jean
  944. Having the gift of an intern like Kristen
  945. Having the gift of rumble, learn, and care with colleagues who care
  946. Staff meetings where there is raucous laughter
  947. Hard times met with care and pushing through
  948. “going to hell” J
  949. Having our huddles
  950. Having a space at work to store food
  951. Being able to get out and walk at work
  952. Being able to connect with others at work from office to office
  953. Being able to get out and connect throughout the organization
  954. Being able to witness what others do
  955. Being able to do ride alongs and share what is happening
  956. Being witness to the opening of a new building and the excitement therein
  957. The leadership of our county commission
  958. Sharing public values and how we govern with others
  959. Our stellar awards banquet
  960. Our stellar awards
  961. Cape Fear Community College Daniels Hall
  962. Our 5 Star Award Star fish by Dumay Gorham
  963. Our recognition committee
  964. The monthly meetings of our group
  965.  getting to read all the nominations and hearing all the good that is done
  966.  seeing all the high fives and the care
  967.  receiving high fives and how precious they are and how wonderful they feel
  968.  being able to send them and how much that feels good
  969. The serious discussions about how nominations rise to stellar
  970. The fire service awards
  971. Being a part of recognizing those who do amazing work
  972. Being a part of celebrating the work of amazing people who serve others
  973. Reading the write ups of great acts of service in nominations  awards each month
  974. Being a part of recognizing years of service to the public and creating ways to make that special
  975.  standing each month at the commissioners and watching them give recognition to good people doing great work
  976.  Kids Making it making Pens special  recognition
  977.  Kids Making it making Clocks special  recognition
  978.  UNCW making hand made cups  special recognition
  979.  all things that help us connect who we are as a community with how we recognize those who do the work and serve the citizens.
  980.  those who truly take time to write up the retirements and make them special
  981.  the extra mile that Chris Coudriet goes to make sure that the recognition of the employees is made special and is created  good and shares the good story of service.
  982.  the work in leadership of our manager and leaders and their care  this county and the staff.
  983.  the finest Sheriff anyone could ask , Ed McMahon
  984.  the finest Sheriff’s department anyone could ask
  985.  the privilege of being invited in  the Lt. process this year and seeing, yet again, another of the ways integrity is maintained at the highest level
  986.  the finest of Fire Services around
  987.  the amazing job that the captains did in teaching a very tough subject
  988.  the privilege of serving with the captain in teaching at the stations
  989.  the privilege of being welcome
  990.  the honor of being a part of the fire services recognition
  991.  the fire service dinner and how well it went
  992.  the fire honor guard
  993.  the fire honor guard serving at the stellar award dinner again
  994.  seeing the Fire Services leadership recognition  the fill the boot campaign with MDA
  995.  the MDA campaign and going above and beyond to make a difference
  996.  17 coming out to the miracle league multiple times
  997. Watching the kids and families with the fire guys and having a ball.
  998.  going out on the field and lighting up the life of one young man during a game
  999. Working this year with chief smith during the hurricane and her great service running point on a critical night on logistics
  1000. Emergency management of NHC
  1001. The continuous improvement at NHC
  1002. The revised training after Florence with EM and how well it all went
  1003. The amazing addition and service of Anna McRay
  1004. Seeing a well devised plan come to life after Florence in Dorian
  1005. Finding ways to thank people for continually seeking ways to learn about service
  1006. The amazing people at Plantation village
  1007. Donating turkeys and hams to the fire houses each year
  1008. Port City Java
  1009. the leadership of Steve Schnitzler
  1010. always giving back to the community through PCJ
  1011. making our new employees feel welcome through PCJ
  1012. the Wilmington Sharks
  1013. Shark Night for NHC Employees
  1014. Connecting with Public employees and seeing value in that connection for the sharks
  1015. The reading program with the sharks I the summer.
  1016. Being able to meet with the CEO of the Wilmington Community Boys and Girls Club.
  1017. The leadership and vision of Derral Pits
  1018. The phenomenal facility and offerings of the Club
  1019. The connection between youth activity after school and success
  1020. Being privileged to participate in the gala for the club
  1021. Sharing the connection with what we know and how we can share it so we all know
  1022. making the connection between knowing our history and how that emboldens us
  1023. making the connection with the strength of who we are..all of us
  1024. seeing this facility and seeing the possible
  1025. seeing the connection between this and dc virgo
  1026. seeing more about how all this relates
  1027. the privilege of the site line
  1028. not letting go of asking for how to use that priviledge in accordance of his will
  1029. Nikki’s prayers
  1030. those who pray for me
  1031. those who pray with me
  1032. those who pray about me
  1033. being a part of the horizontal god group
  1034. hearing at meetings and trying to keep open to learning
  1035. being reminded this year that anyone I shut down on might just save my life
  1036. those who think enough of me to think about prayer
  1037. those who know that all prayer is important
  1038. all prayers and good will and good thoughts are good
  1039. the use of what we have to bring good in the world
  1040. for putting forth the next right thing
  1041. putting forth the next right action
  1042. for putting out the next right way
  1043. the sound of my chimes in the office that offer a reminder of peace
  1044. the images on my Instagram that offer a quick restart to positive
  1045. for the shelf behind me of little things for good
  1046. slogans “this to shall pass”
  1047. the serenity prayer
  1048. still having hair (on my head)
  1049. being able to think through complex issues
  1050. express ideas to others
  1051. use my voice to inspire
  1052. speak good
  1053. make decisions
  1054. delay gratification
  1055. get up on time
  1056. sleep in every once in a while
  1057. enjoy being relaxed
  1058. let things be without having to be resoved
  1059. wait to be asked to share
  1060. wait to be asked my opinion
  1061. let my opinion not be shared
  1062. allow for things to just to be left undone
  1063. walk away
  1064. not take the bait
  1065. not be offended
  1066. be offended but not let it absorb me.
  1067. Help to listen to others and map out ways to connect if they are willing
  1068. Be funny without sarcasm
  1069. Enjoy life
  1070. Enjoy the moment
  1071. Be
  1072. Singing
  1073. Having been exposed to so much music in my life and having access to it
  1074. To my iphone music
  1075. little passages that help me get through
  1076. images of past places of peace
  1077. the ability to transport to the hill in Sharon Valley
  1078. the ability to transfort to Lion’s Head and sit and be stil
  1079. to sit by twin lakes in the winter and “hear” the snow
  1080. the sound of snow falling
  1081. cold weather
  1082. the feel of the blanket in the cold
  1083. the feel of fan
  1084. the white noise of my fan
  1085. the bubble of my diffuser
  1086. the smells of pine in my diffuser
  1087. the natural oils that I need
  1088. my pigs with wings
  1089. the feel of peter millar jeans on my body
  1090. the feel of leather on my chair when I sit
  1091. going out and seeing people I know
  1092. sitting in mother’s swing on the board walk at Carolina Beach
  1093. seeing random people post pics and it is of them in the swing with her name on it
  1094. the view from the swing with all the abundance fo growth around it
  1095. always going down there and people wanting that particular swing
  1096. the sound of the ocean and know somehow she is there and hears it still
  1097. viciting the house and how comfortable and colorful it still is
  1098. seeing Harold happy
  1099. being with Harold
  1100. having a parent I can share things with
  1101. having a parent I can still learn from and with
  1102. having a place in the world with a parent who knows me
  1103. having a parent who loves me
  1104. sharing the recovery rockfest
  1105. the leadership and vision of Nyla Cicone
  1106. being allowed the honor of mcing this amazing event.
  1107. Seeing persons in recovery have a great day in the sun, just have a great time
  1108. Listening to amazing musicians play phenomenal music
  1109. Hearing and seeing parents and friends be there with and in support of
  1110. Having a time to give voice to time in recovery
  1111. Giving tribute to those who have passed
  1112. Sharing a circle of love and a time of celebration
  1113. To the amazing resilience and health journey of Mary
  1114. To the relationship and love of Mary and Linda
  1115. To the recovery rockfest resource tent
  1116. Wilmington health being a major sponsor for this event
  1117. The recovery walk
  1118. WWAY featuring it on their morning program
  1119. The best dog store ever: Best Day Ever
  1120. Katy and seeing jax on Saturdays when we take him to see “Miss Katy”
  1121. The look on Jax’s face when we tell him we are going to see “Miss Katy!”
  1122. Watching Jax “Shop” in the Best Day Ever! J
  1123. Making malas this year
  1124. Giving malas away
  1125. Opening up an etsy and selling malas to make a little money for charity
  1126. Selling my sea sculptures on etsy
  1127. Making my sea sculptures
  1128. Being a part of anything with Lump to Laughter
  1129. The leadership of Connie
  1130. Sharing the stage with Sandra McClammy
  1131. The leadership and grace of Sandra McClammy
  1132. The amazing work of Connie and Lump to laughter
  1133. Harold sharing all of mother’s yarn with Lump to laughter to make blankets and other items for women
  1134. Hickman Enterprises
  1135. The spinning of Sandra McClammy
  1136. Being able to MC the sobriety dance at Christmas while Sandra Spin away the night
  1137. Lump to laughter making good happen for women going through cancer treatments
  1138. The work and leadership of Brandon Hickman
  1139. Port City Rip the runway
  1140. The Higgins Scholarship
  1141. The Ada King Dean Memorial Honors in Nursing Scholarship at UNCW
  1142. The L.S. “Bo” Dean Jr. Honors Endowed Scholarship at UNCW
  1143. The Diane Levy/Kate Bruce Endowed Scholarship at UNCW
  1144. The John Myers Art History Scholarship at UNCW
  1145. The Thad Dankel Memorial Endowed Honors in Mathematics Scholarship
  1146. The Windel Daniels Public Housing and Section Eight Memorial Endowed Scholarship at UNCW
  1147. The Katherine McKenzie School of Education Annual Scholarship at UNCW
  1148. The Nancy Phelps Hodges/Marth Stines Freeze Women’s Empowerment Endowed Scholarship at Cape Fear Community College
  1149. The Betsey Ivrine Women’s Scholarship at UNCW
  1150. The Bobby Dean Fund for Alzheimer’s at the Cameron Art Museum
  1151. being a part of a newly formed board of advancement for education in Watson
  1152. the Miracle Makers Monthly Givers at Access of Wilmington/The Miracle League
  1153. the Karen Beasley Turtle Hospital
  1154. being witness to the creation of a lab school in our community
  1155. visiting and seeing up close DC Virgo
  1156. the amazing work and leadership of Sabrina Hill Black
  1157. the restoration room with resilience it
  1158. visiting a school where the connection between students and their parents/guardians is so high
  1159. witnessing the care, compassion, and love for children is unparalleled like at DC Virgo
  1160. being involved in a school of education that is committed and determined to provide for and create the best of opportunities for public education
  1161. seeing how much the college of ed is bringing UNCW national recognition
  1162. seeing how much the college of ed is producing much needed teachers
  1163. seeing how much the college of ed is producing much needed teacher education
  1164. seeing how much watson is at the forefront of the next iteration of what is teacher education
  1165. seeing how much on the ground Watson is in the surrounding counties and very involved in disparate areas of need and under resourced school districts
  1166. the leadership of Dean Van Dempsey
  1167. the leadership of Watson to turn around a very “majority” culture focused institution to a more diverse and inclusive and responsive college
  1168. STEAM education
  1169. Continuing with my 11th year with the heart association
  1170. Being allowed to host the heart ball
  1171. Being a part of the mc group for the heart walk
  1172. Sharing some fun with the crowd at the heart walk this year
  1173. Being able to shout out all the good
  1174.  people at the walk that came in
  1175. Keeping it fun and lively at the walk this year
  1176. Seeing the sun come up and make for a great day
  1177. The heart demonstration this year and staying alive
  1178. The leadership of Ashley Miller
  1179. Everyone who gave to my birthday fundraiser for heart
  1180. The windell Daniels heart walk
  1181. The tribute and leadership of Wilma Daniels
  1182. The leadership this year of Jay Wileman from GE
  1183. The leadership of the Executive Leadership Team
  1184. Running around putting out signs again this year
  1185. Having the heart walk on UNCW’s campus
  1186. Sharing time with friends on the campus for the heart walk
  1187. Seeing rose get a healthy heart award
  1188. Finding orange theory
  1189. Having the amazing friend Colby Grant bridge cardiac rehab with my next steps
  1190. Having someone, even while he was studying for his PHD to set me up with training to get me through till I could figure out what I was going to do
  1191. Working out in Wrigthsville Beach park for weeks using Colby’s app
  1192. Not worrying about what it looked like, but just doing it
  1193. Getting back to “running” and not worrying about how long it took
  1194. Being thrilled I could run again
  1195. Taking a risk and going to orange theory
  1196. Being inspired by Tammy Pruden
  1197. Having tammy pruden by my side on the first day at Orange Theory to show me what to do.
  1198. Having Oliva to help me get started
  1199. Having Bren to help me on my way
  1200. Having Sam to help me
  1201. Showing up even when I thought it was too much
  1202. Not worrying about what others where doing but what I could do
  1203. For the friendliest staff I have ever met in my life
  1204. For Holly being there when tammy and I were there
  1205. Tammy checking in and encouraging me and coaching me along
  1206. Tammy being my role model
  1207. Olivia and Bren being so supportive
  1208. Every person behind the front desk knowing my name
  1209. Going to a gym where they actually say hello to you
  1210. Going to a gym where you can see your results
  1211. Going to a gym where you can get it done and leave
  1212. Going to a gym where you can work at your own pace if you need
  1213. Winning a raffle at the gym
  1214. Getting little milestones
  1215. Actually completing a tri at the gym and doing it well
  1216. Loving going to the gym
  1217. Getting back to long runs
  1218. Getting back to quicker paces and feeling good AFTER I run
  1219. Feeling more like myself again
  1220. Hearing positive things in my head about me
  1221. Hearing previous coaches in my head
  1222.  the foundations laid by Adam
  1223. Foundations laid by Brandon
  1224. The good form I was taught
  1225. having had good people to help me be successful now
  1226. seeing Brandon flourish with his family
  1227. Brandon and Courtney’s new baby knox
  1228. sheri being able to find her way back to Nashville and her happiness
  1229. seeing brad get the job in charlotte
  1230. seeing brad get this cpa
  1231. seeing pete be so successful in the schools
  1232. seeing Josh t be a great manager in Ncino
  1233. see all the success of so many of the youngin’s (another reason I love facebook)
  1234. hearing good things about me in my head
  1235. feeling good things about me in my head
  1236. reinforcing ideas about what I can do inside me
  1237. breathing
  1238. laughing
  1239. crying
  1240. feeling
  1241. seeing
  1242. hearing
  1243. being able to touch
  1244. to feel
  1245. to smell
  1246. to be empathetic
  1247. to encounter the world with what I have seen and remain open
  1248. to be open to new ideas
  1249. to remain willing
  1250. to remain teachable
  1251. to want humility
  1252. to want to be of service
  1253. to see myself at times and know what direction I don’t want
  1254. to hear what others are saying
  1255. to no longer use others’ opinions only
  1256. to no longer take it all on
  1257. to have some sense and wisdom
  1258. to be ok with not being ok
  1259. to be ok with not being liked
  1260. to be ok with being uncomfortable
  1261. to be ok with us saying “its not mine to do”
  1262. to be ok not knowing
  1263. for loving not knowing and wanting to know more
  1264. for backing up
  1265. for saying not today
  1266. for being a part and not in front of
  1267. for finding success in building others
  1268. for the grace I see all around
  1269. for the beauty that is in the stillness
  1270. for the quiet
  1271. for the small
  1272. for the appearance when I least expect it
  1273. for the dragonfly who stays in one place
  1274. for the butterfly who did not move
  1275. for the bird who did not move too fast
  1276. for the squirrell that stared me down
  1277. the hawk that allowed me so close
  1278. the wild turkey that let me near her new borns
  1279. the crab who raised on me the day before dorian
  1280. the smallest of the shells underneath my feet
  1281. the flowers that just seemed to come out of no where
  1282. the clouds that caught me breath
  1283. the sunsets over the gov center parking lot
  1284. the sunrises when I could get them
  1285. the moments when I got to share those skies with others who photographed them and we had that moment together
  1286. the connection we all have to whatever brought us to something other than a selfie
  1287. to the selfie where I saw myself for the first time
  1288. the selfie where I was NOT looking for approval
  1289. the selfie where I really was proud and happy to show myself rather than feeling insecure and needing a like
  1290. the love of sharing pictures of others
  1291. the love of seeing others happy not posing
  1292. the love of hearing others share their joy
  1293. the love of hearing good news
  1294. the love of hearing victory in whatever form that is
  1295. the love of people sharing inspiration and what inspires them
  1296. the love of people sharing faith in whatever form that takes
  1297. the love of people sharing health and whatever way that shows up for them
  1298. our ability to connect on solutions f
  1299. being allowed to handle employee relations this year
  1300. being trusted with issues for employees that are tough
  1301. the vulnerable place to be a position to hear people who are struggling or frustrated and “investigate” not fix and then help find a way
  1302. being a part of a process that allows for persons in their livlihoods in tough times to be kept whole and accountable
  1303. to be in a place in my own life where I am able to be that person
  1304. to be trustworthy
  1305. to be capable of not just listening but hearing
  1306. to work on active listening
  1307. to leave the conversation of my own mind and thoughts and work to that person
  1308. for the work of those who support me
  1309. being a member of Wilmington Rotary
  1310. the leadership of President Cathy Barlow
  1311. the leadership of President Eric McKeithan
  1312. the ability to be a part of the monthly Williston student of the month program
  1313. the faces of the students at the Williston student of the month
  1314. being able to connect the four way test to what these students are doing in their class room
  1315. the 6 areas of focus
  1316. the four way test
  1317. the diversity of jobs and places where our members come from
  1318. sponsoring different people into the club and watching them flourish
  1319. our weekly meetings
  1320. the amazing veterans we have in our club
  1321. the limericks of jake and his phenomenal ww2 career
  1322. the best part of health and happiness
  1323. knowing that Anne is going to interrupt us all with the cart buckets
  1324. being a part of raising 250k over the last four years in the fundraising
  1325. being off from fundraising this year
  1326. being supported by a few of my fellow rotarians on my health journey
  1327. bringing Matt into the club
  1328. bringing Tufanna into the club
  1329. bringing Van into the club
  1330. bringing Natalie into the club
  1331. the world’s largest rotary wheel at greenfield lake
  1332. the amphitheater at greenfield lake
  1333. Cape Fear River watch
  1334. The rheder preserve by alderman
  1335. The PASS program with Alderman Elementary School
  1336. Having a reading program that directly targets third graders to ensure life long resiliency in reading
  1337. Using county employees in the professional development academy to be the tutors in this program
  1338. Working with communities in schools of the lower cape fear to make this program possible.
  1339. The leadership of Louise Hicks
  1340. Communities and School overall
  1341. Smart Start of New Hanover County
  1342. The dolphin dip to support communities in schools
  1343. The polar plunge to support special Olympics
  1344. The special Olympics of the cape fear
  1345. Many of our miracle athletes being medal winners in special Olympics
  1346. The NHC Sheriff’s department being so supportive of the special Olympics
  1348. remerging in the ability to say no
  1349. growing in saying no
  1350. letting go of some toxic spaces but not of love
  1351. maintaining relations and love but not space for places that are not good for me
  1352. trying to have some peace in my own body
  1353. making some space for that peace
  1354. being ok with just not doing anything at all
  1355. my own health and wellness
  1356. the leadership of NHRMC
  1357. the vision of John Gizdic
  1358. the leadership and care of David Parks
  1359. David’s intervention in my own life
  1360. the heart scan on Military cutoff
  1361. only costing 100$ to have the scan
  1362. David seeing I was in trouble and getting me help
  1363. The results opening up new ways for me to get help
  1364. Dr. Murphy at Cape Fear Heart
  1365. Cape Fear heart and the incredible customer service
  1366. The whole team for the nuclear test
  1367. Making me feel ok with the nuclear test
  1368. addressing my needs
  1369. getting me into the Ornish Program
  1370. my first encounter with nurse Jennifer Joseph
  1371. Jennifer sharing Undo with me
  1372. The connection stil with Jennifer and what an incredible person she is and continues to be
  1373. Reading Undo before all this began
  1374. For the voice of my higher power on the beach before all this started and the moment of knowing I had to do this.
  1375. The power of my own boss, Mark Francolini letting me know that whatever it took, he would support me through it
  1376. The fear of going to cardiac rehab being balanced with the care of Nurse Jennifer
  1377. The care of Dr. Murphy
  1378. The support of Michael at home and how much I knew I was cared about
  1379. Entering into ornish and knowing many in my cohort
  1380. The presence of the team from the very start and how very much they made me feel like I could be successful.
  1381. The first time on the treadmill that my chest pains reduced with redirect with Sydney
  1382. The joy and energy of Sydney
  1383. The special connection (I now know as face and heart) of Sydney
  1384. The day that Sydney sat down with me and got me through a slump that I was not sure if I could make it
  1385. The day I realized how much shame I had for being in cardiac rehab and being able to work through that
  1386. How much Rachael Decaria brought into my life teaching me about eaching whole foods plant based no oil
  1387. Whole foods plant based no oil lifestyle
  1388. Having actual cooking demonstrations to see how to eat this
  1389. Slowing getting over the fear of eating WFPBNO
  1390. Having the support of the others in the class about how to eat this way
  1391. Sharing information about how to find restaurants that would support eating this way
  1392. Finding places that were resistant to helping (and I say this because I was grateful to see ugly places and people cause it got me fired up to seek more and do more, particularly places that were supposedly healthy and would not do more no oil)
  1393. Seaside bagels
  1394. The amazing responsiveness of Christie and XaVIER
  1395. Kelsey at Kale me Krazy
  1396. Kale me krazy at Mayfaire
  1397. Kelsey being willing to work with me on my dietary needs
  1398. Kelsey and her whole staff being in on my progress and needs
  1399. Kale me krazy carrying Cravings desserts
  1400. Cravings chick pea blondies 
  1401. My vegan wrap at Kale Me Krazy made my way
  1402. The best vegan soups ever at Kale me krazy
  1403. Kale me krazy being a veteran owned restaurant
  1404. Kale me krazy doing a heart walk day
  1405. Tidal creek
  1406. The leadership of Anthony at Tidal creek
  1407. The responsiveness of Tidal Creek when I had a weird encounter at first
  1408. The love and appreciation of Tidal creek to be as inclusive as possible
  1409. For Tidal Creek for being the best place to get hot food around
  1410. For tidal creek’s farmer’s market on Saturday’s
  1411. For tidal creeks’ ro water
  1412. For tidal creek making it their aim to get rid of single use plastics
  1413. For tidal creek getting terri mann to come in to do cooking demos
  1414. For tidal creek opening during dorian
  1415. Finding seaside bagel by facebook accident
  1416. Probably the most vegan, no oil friendly place in the county
  1417. The autism inclusion at Seaside bagels
  1418. The message to me that I was included at seaside bagels
  1419. The deliciousness of seaside
  1420. Learning how delicious being WFPG really is
  1421. Finding alternatives to Whole foods (they are fine, just expensive)
  1422. Finding locally sourced vegetables and staples
  1423. Finding pre prepared meals and items that I could have on hand that were healthy and fit the diet
  1424. Hippeas
  1425. Powdered peanut butter
  1426. Thin pretzels
  1427. Hummus, hummus and more hummus
  1428. Did I say hummus?
  1429. Hummus, cuke, and tomato sandwiches
  1430. Dr. Praeger
  1431. Cost
  1432. co on the health fly!
  1433. Waterloo!
  1434. Water…drinking lots and lots of water
  1435. Finding out that I actually do like beans
  1436. Literally eating brown rice like no tomorrow
  1437. Air frying everything in site
  1438. My favorite crispy tofu
  1439. Mushroom, marinar, and onion with spinach on crispy tofu
  1440. Quinoa pasta
  1441. Quinioa salad
  1442. Egg whites (it is a little cheat, but sooo good)
  1443. Dave’s bread
  1444. Polaner all fruit
  1445. Blender muffins
  1446. Maple syrup
  1447. Non fat latte’s
  1448. Soy milk! Omg! Soy milk is so good
  1449. Not having cheese for now 10 months and being ok with
  1450. No meat, fish, dairy, and almost no oil for over 10 months and loving it!
  1451. All the flavors with so little of the issues
  1452. The feeling in my body of health
  1453. The way I look
  1454. The color in my skin
  1455. The way my skin feels
  1456. Starting the cape fear whole foods plant based group on facebook
  1457. Literally connecting with 100s of others on line
  1458. Tapping into a whole new world out there of folks who live this clean life
  1459. Finding out how a frozen banana, cocao powder and soy milk can make chocoloate into a dream
  1460. The use of gum to deal with habit and issues of need
  1461. Thinking of how much my mother would love all this
  1462. Learning a little more at a time as I go along
  1463. The joy of overcoming fear of the unknown
  1464. Not letting the fear of others stop me from doing what is right for me
  1465. The way in which Seth made us all feel ok in group
  1466. The accountability seth held for me when I weighed in and a little was never enough
  1467. The ease by which seth kept us moving forward when we got stuck
  1468. The tears shed
  1469. The frustration
  1470. The fear
  1471. The joy
  1472. The victory
  1473. The celebrations
  1474. The connections
  1475. The intensity of quiet
  1476. The gifts of Holly Konrady
  1477. Holly’s gift to me of stopping and being present
  1478. Holly’s voice and moving through taking time
  1479. Having someone who cares so deeply
  1480. Holly’s willingness to hold me accountable and shared with me
  1481. Holly and Rachael being willing to reach out to others who are in need
  1482. Holly’s private practice and gift of yoga and stress management
  1483. The nurse practice of Mike Peretta
  1484. Mike’s constant reinforcement with smiles and encouragement was I was on the track 
  1485. Mike’s continued support on line and in the groups to this day
  1486. The ability to go back and share my story and hope to others entering into the program
  1487. The vision and the experience of Ashley Garner
  1488. The voice of Ashley Garner sharing his message in the face of resistance
  1489. NHRMC taking a risk to do something different, better, with greater results
  1490. The doctors who will and do listen
  1491. The NHRMC Foundation for supporting the Ornish Program
  1492. The leadership of Sandy Spiers and the foundation board
  1493. The leadership of Schorr Davis and aligning the foundation to the hospital plans
  1494. The embrace of the foundation
  1495. The ornish program extending itself into the community and becoming a community program
  1496. The thanksgiving recipes from Rachael
  1497. The ornish alum events
  1498. Seeing ornish alum and our continued connection
  1499. Not having one chest pain
  1500. Having a resting heart rate of 132/81 after starting with 164/98
  1501. Having diabetes managed by diet
  1502. Having cholesterol managed now
  1503. Having weight down 74 pounds
  1504. Being able to run again at a rate that I have not in years
  1505. Being able to exercise and enjoy
  1506. Being able to breathe again
  1507. Being able to embrace new ideas and concept
  1508. Now using food in the same way to manage my stress
  1509. The presence of a so many new tools and the continuation of learning
  1510. Seeing my health risk assessment no longer show issues against my health
  1511. Not having the issues on the HRA
  1512. The connection and each of our group
  1513. Seeing daddy in one of the members of our group and seeing a difference as we moved along
  1514. Feeling the change
  1515. Finding my way
  1516. Being able to do this.
  1517. Managing through some of the dangers of “time passing” and the newness wearing off
  1518. Having some experience with emotional ups and downs and managing through those as well
  1519. Having stress at work and still being able to show up and not fall back
  1520. Building in more resources and opportunities for resilience in all areas
  1521. Sharing this in both professional and personal parts of my life continually
  1522. The NHC training collaborative
  1523. The energy that comes from others who want to grow and teach
  1524. Teaching ADDIE
  1525. Teaching about implicit bias
  1526. Having an orientation where we talk about difficult subjects but get folks moving ward
  1527. The IDEA Roundtable
  1528. Being allowed to be a part of such a wonderful group of engaged individuals looking at intentional diversity and inclusion
  1529. Live Oak Bank
  1530. Apiture
  1531. NCino
  1532. PPD
  1533. NHCS
  1534. Wilmington City
  1535. Unexo
  1536. Intentional collision
  1537. The leadership
  1538. GE
  1539. Corning
  1540. All the major Employers caring about their practices to be inclusive
  1541. Being privileged to share the history of NHC and how we were shaped by events to bring us here and how we can work to move ward.
  1542. Hosting the IDEA roundtable at the county
  1543. Being able to see NCINO on the inside and learn more about them
  1544. The amazing group at NHRMC and Health Equity
  1545. The Leadership of Joe Conway
  1546. The Leadership of Philip Brown
  1547. the YWCA
  1548. the leadership of Evelyn Bryant
  1549. the community relations advisory committee
  1550. the honor of being able to facilitate a moment with the CRAC
  1551. the leadership of Tufanna Bradley
  1552. the founding of the African American Historical Commission
  1553. being allowed to be a part of the first meeting of the commission
  1554. hearing the stories of the why people wanted to serve on the commission
  1555. helping to link the “why” with forward motion and goals
  1556. being allowed to be a facilitator at all.
  1557. Learning more about listening overall
  1558. Hearing where the source of forward movement my lie
  1559. The NSEA swimming program
  1560. Creating space  more inclusion and access to quality health care
  1561. Affinity group creation and use at major employers and ways to make that happen
  1562. Continuing with faciliting the Criminal justice advisory group
  1563. The leadership and inspiration of Judge Jay Corperning
  1564. The leadership and inspiration of Ben David
  1565. The leadership and inspiration of Jennifer Harjo
  1566. The leadership and inspiration of Lyanna Hunter
  1567. lyanna being recognized statewide for her amazing willingness to help in times of need for youth in particular
  1568. the leadership and inspiration of the leadership in our courts
  1569. the leadership and inspiration in our parole
  1570. for the leadership and inspiration of chief Sarvis
  1571. for the leadership and inspiration of the county manager
  1572. for the leadership and inspiration of the city manager
  1573. for the leadership and inspiration of Kathy Stoute
  1574. the leadership and inspiration of Bob Speight
  1575. raise the age
  1576. making the new judicial building for juvenile justice possible
  1577. the leadership and inspiration for all our local chiefs of police
  1578. For the witness of seeing Kathy Cochran rise to head of patrol in Wilmington
  1579. For the witness of seeing Chief Donnie Williams made a chief
  1580. For the upcoming opening of the training center
  1581. For the hope offered to those youth given the chance through misdemeanor diversion
  1582. The chaplaincy program at NHC jail
  1583. The community one program at NHC jail
  1584. Injunctions
  1585. LEAD program
  1586. See something, Say Something
  1587. Everyone being all in for the Healing place
  1588. Bringing beds into New Hanover County for those who choose to enter recovery
  1589. Making sure the beds being offered are for both men and women
  1590. Standing strong against stigma and prejudice to create something for wellness and recovery
  1591. Seeing good over come injustice and ignorance
  1592. Seeing victory in the face of disheartening protectivism
  1593. The texts during the hearing that gave me hope
  1594. The fierce fight for what was right
  1595. The work that went into putting something into our community that will make a difference for so many
  1596. Seeing ACES fly on those who opposed and knowing it will be ok
  1597. Those who were able to rise above the fear
  1598. The exposed
  1599. Those I saw for the first time to know for the next time
  1600. Those who showed up for good at a time when they could have walked away
  1601. coastal horizons
  1602.  the life’s work Margaret Weller Stargell
  1603. the honor of bringing the invocation at the annual dinner
  1604. the hundreds of staff of Coastal Horizons on the front line
  1605. for the youth shelter
  1606. for the rape crisis center
  1607. for TASC
  1608. for reaching across the state to address the need for mental health and substance abuse care
  1609. for WHAT
  1610. for the Power of the Purse
  1611. all the purses that were donated by people that wanted to continue the great event
  1612. the legacy of Joy Grady
  1613. the continued leadership of Denise Salozky
  1614. for being allowed to be a part again of the Purse event
  1615. for being a part with Ashlea and making it special for those who came out to make some money for what
  1616. for providing care for youth on site in the school
  1617. for making sure that all youth have access to care
  1618. for making sure that care allows for parents to stay at work
  1619. for making sure that care allows the student to stay at school
  1620. the grant from the legislature to help with the opioid crisis
  1621. bipartisan support for the grants
  1622. for the leadership of the commissioners on the crisis
  1623. for the leadership of the city on the crisis
  1624. the Quick Response team
  1625. for the end of year response and the hundreds who have been connected to services
  1626. for all who are seeing a difference between criminals and those in need of care
  1627. for the differentiation of the mentally ill and the incarcerated
  1628. for the narcan grant and resources from the health department
  1629. for those who feel the compassion exhaustion but work towards moving forward
  1630. those who respond
  1631. for the ability to connect resources to a crisis that has a time window
  1632. For the community justice services programs
  1633. For being able to “ride” along with CJS and see the programs in action
  1634. For seeing the connection between the work of CJS and partnership agencies and activating our youth and giving them direction.
  1635. Learning appreciative inquiry
  1636. Hundreds of books from the NHC library sale
  1637. Sharing those books and resources
  1638. Library think
  1639. The work of Margaret Miles and scanning all those books into library thing to share
  1640. Creating opportunity for others to grow
  1641. For the amazing library branches and all the work each does to make access happen for every person
  1642. For the new branch at pine valley and creating a maker space to further connect ideas to resources
  1643. The access to resources that enhance the lives of 100s of thousands of citizens every year through the year
  1644. The Carolina room
  1645. Having an 1898 publication coming out from the librarians on data regarding the names of people in the area
  1646. For the cape fear museum
  1647. For the Williston room
  1648. For the powerful displays throughout the year
  1649. For the archives and collections at the museum
  1650. For the engagement of 1000s of students by the museum educators
  1651. For the work of Jan Davidson on 1898 and the relationship to the raised awareness and understanding of the coup in the community
  1652. For the new historic marker on the street that speaks to the 1898 coup
  1653. For calling the 1898 event a coup accurately
  1654. For the continued understanding and integration of that understanding in the community throughout
  1655. For the visual park at the cape fear museum
  1656. For the museum advisory board
  1657. For the friends of the library
  1658. The friends of the library making books available to the students of the month at Williston
  1659. The friends of the library holding the book sales so successfully
  1660. The friends of the library raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to aid the library in the library sale
  1661. The amazing books made available in the library sale
  1662. The shared libraries across town
  1663. Creating a shared library in our own home for others
  1664. The brick streets in Wilmington
  1665. The beauty of the architecture downtown
  1666. Being able to climb up in the bell tower of the county courthouse
  1667. The view from the county courthouse
  1668. The garden roof of 320 chestnut
  1669. The view from 320 chestnut
  1670. The spiral tops of the temple downtown
  1671. The windows in 1st presebyterian
  1672. The windows in st. james
  1673. The rowan decompte in church of the servant
  1674. The inside of st. Pauls
  1675. The incredible architecture inside thalian hall
  1676. The foot of market
  1677. The sanitary fountain
  1678. The view of smith creek from MLK
  1679. The sunsets coming down MLK
  1680. The view over the river from the top of union station
  1681. The new building going up over the old parking deck
  1682. All the new buildings downtown
  1683. More people living downtown
  1684. Taylor homes still looking great and being maintained
  1685. The 1898 memorial on the way into town
  1686. The sound of the Westminster chimes of our clock in the house
  1687. Packages coming to the front door J
  1688. The sound of jax dreaming
  1689. The smell of coffee in the air
  1690. Lowe’s grocery store
  1691. Having a grocery store we have literally been going to for 20 years
  1692. Knowing our grocery store manager
  1693. Being converstant with so many people that we trade with
  1694. Having relationships with people we do business with even in today’s world
  1695. Feeling connected to the community in which we live
  1696. Feeling like we are a part of this place
  1697. Enjoying being a part of the community
  1698. Living here long enough to have seen things change for the better
  1699. Living here long enough to ‘remember when’
  1700. The launch at the foot at the memorial bridge
  1701. The battleship
  1702. Battleship park
  1703. Nourish North Carolina
  1704. Knowng that children who do not have food at home after school are looked after
  1705. Our Nourish NC food drive at the county
  1706. The leadership and vision of Steve
  1707. The amazing work of Nourish NC to bring in Fresh Vegetables and other staples for health and wellness for our youth
  1708. The leadership and non profit leadership of Logan Thompson
  1709. Volunteer of the year Alan Perry
  1710. Professional of the year Logan
  1711. Association of professional fundraisers
  1712. The fierce work of Amy Feath for children in the region
  1713. The carousel center for abused children
  1714. The mitigation of issues for children who have been victimized
  1715. Holding those who harm children accountable and adjudicating them
  1716. The carousel center gala
  1717. Seeing NHRMC rock it out in the competition this year
  1718. Enjoying just watching this year
  1719. Liberty homecare providing hospice care that has quality and efficacy with integrity
  1720. The quality of Andrews Mortuary
  1721. The community foundation of nc
  1722. The cape fear memorial foundation
  1723. The landfall foundation
  1724. Women’s imact network
  1725. Mustaches for kids
  1726. Wilmington Optimists
  1727. Cape Fear Optimists
  1728. Central Rotary
  1729. Rotary West
  1730. Cape Fear Rotary
  1731. Wilmington Kiwanis
  1732. The Kiwanis club pancake breakfast
  1733. St. John’s lodge
  1734. The lodge on 17th allowing for parking for DSS this year
  1735. The old building being gone completely
  1736. Hospital opening up emergency services in autumn hall
  1737. Stepping stone manor
  1738. The Kelly house for women and children
  1739. The recovery houses through Launch Pad
  1740. The Frat house
  1741. Inter group offices on Wrightsville Avenue
  1742. 24 hours a day phone for those seeking recovery
  1743. Wilmington treatment center new campus
  1744. Behavioral health
  1745. The sheriff and WPD downtown unit for the evenigns
  1746. The parking decks and plenty of parking for downtown
  1747. All the vertical structures going in downtown
  1748. the marker indicating the escape of slaves at the foot of organge street
  1749. the education given on the slaves at bellamy mansion
  1750. the wrightville beach museum
  1751. the addition of cottages at the Wrightsville beach museum
  1752. The flytrap sculpture at the foot of market
  1753. The dram tree sculpture at the convention center
  1754. The incredible inside of the Brooklyn art center
  1755. The beauty of chestnut street Presbyterian
  1756. The remaining trees that line the old part of market street
  1757. The whirly gig being restored at the Cameron art museum
  1758. The gift shop at the Cameron art museum
  1759. The art department at UNCW
  1760. Opera Wilmington
  1761. Wilmington symphony
  1762. Celebration Choir
  1763. The music of Randy McQuay
  1764. The music of Susan Savia
  1765. The music of Eric Miller
  1766. The work of Beau Gunn
  1767. The voice and work of Foz and 107.5
  1768. The voice and work of Big B and 97.3
  1769. The voice and work of Sandra Midday McClammy and 97.3
  1770. The Christmas music all day, all the time on 102.
  1771. The starnews still in print
  1772. The absolute best news of port city daily
  1773. The headlines coming regularly and indepth coverage from port city daily
  1774. Encore Magazine
  1775. The leadership of shea carver
  1776. Fit wilmignton or Wilmington fit on facebook and the work of Jeremy
  1777. F3 wilmington
  1778. F3 showing up for the miracle league and supporting all things good
  1779. F3 being there for so many who need support in the community
  1780. Seeing more and more good support for people seeking personal training help with their fitness journey
  1781. Fitmo
  1782. Christina rivenbark attorney at law and all the good she does all the time for so many
  1783. The James E. Moore Insurance agency
  1784. Jim being in the Wilmington hall of fame for athletes
  1785. Jim supporting the YWCAs women of achievement year after year.
  1786. Bennie Sheally insurance
  1787. Bennie sheally looking out for soccer in the community
  1788. Wells insurance
  1789. Wells insurance coming up on their 100 year anniversary
  1790. Visually mapping connections and places  folks to make a difference and serve
  1791. Being allowed to be a part of the success of others
  1792. Having others who want to be a part of the journey of growth and development
  1793. Having others who see how much public servants give and do and want to grow them
  1794. The acumen and gifts of Dr. Jessica Whitney
  1795. The Swain Professional Executive and Professional Development
  1796. The Cameron School of Business
  1797. The fierce leadership of Dean Burrus and care to make sure to deliver what is needed to make the best  all
  1798. The leadership of Richard Walsh
  1799. The Leadership of Matt Myott
  1800. All of the interns through swain
  1801. The professionalism of each class
  1802. The support and way in which each class is delivered
  1803. The care of expertise of each member of the faculty who teach  us to grow our public employees
  1804. The time spent by the faculty to get to know the work and service of our public employees
  1805. The connection with the most meaningful and up to date applications and what we need to do our best to serve
  1806. Giving our folks to best of training and development and ongoing needs
  1807. The deep conversations and in-depth look at the difference in our folks and making sure give them what they need across the board
  1808. The willingness to see how much they do
  1809. The Swain advisory board
  1810. The care the advisory board takes
  1811. The outlook conference and the new way to make a difference in the community with an establish tool
  1812. The entire group of the staff at Swain
  1813. UNCW and partnering with the community to make the world around us better with what the university has to offer.
  1814. The Masters of Public Administration Advisory Board
  1815. Our MPA fellows
  1816. Watching our MPA Fellows thrive in their roles in their departments
  1817. Seeing the projects and work in the organization and the link back to their graduate program
  1818. Having time with the fellows to listen to their experiences and what excites them.
  1819. The MPA Fellowship
  1820. The leadership of Dr. Chris Prentice in the MPA program
  1821. The classes geared towards public service in our partnership
  1822. The project management academy
  1823. The supervision expertise
  1824. Being able to provide supervision enhancement and growth
  1825. Our CI for Supervisor Impact this year
  1826. All those in our enterprise who are willing to teach internally
  1827. All who care enough to give back to those coming in
  1828. The truth about how much it means to give time that has to be made
  1829. The openness to hear about ways to do things differently and keep moving ward
  1830. The celebration and leadership coming in to say how much those who have attended mean
  1831. Getting to know each new supervisor and learning about their journeys
  1832. Being there and being a part of the first day of work  all employees
  1833. Being a part of creating that experience
  1834. Sharing history and a sense of place
  1835. Understanding more about how systems operated and influence our public service
  1836. Being able to impart the importance of being open to everyone
  1837. Being able to impart the importance of being open to identifying my own biases so I can clear the way to serve everyone.
  1838. The NHC government day
  1839. Sharing how we do what we do and why
  1840. Being a part of the school of government law training
  1841. The school of government
  1842. Spending time in chapel hill learning
  1843. Staying in the historic home in chapel hill
  1844. Running on campus  the very first time
  1845. Biking around the campus  a week
  1846. Spending my nights at weaver street
  1847. Going over the gentlemen’s corner in chapel hill
  1848. Reconnecting with pauper players and enjoying a night of theater
  1849. Connecting with people from all across the state who care about public service
  1850. Having the privilege to keep on learning and growing and sharing that with others
  1851. Being in my home town and not being sad
  1852. Reminiscing and enjoying being at “home” and being ok with being there
  1853. Loving running through gimghoul and the neighborhood of my childhood and truly enjoying myself
  1854. Finding myself lost in croker arboretum
  1855. Lost in memories of good and connection to what made for the good in my life
  1856. Really feeling at “home” for the first time in a long time
  1857. Not needing to be back there and looking forward to getting home
  1858.  my weekends in the season for the miracle league
  1859.  being allowed to continue to announce for the miracle league
  1860.  getting up on Saturday and knowing that I will spend the day engaging in the excitement of literally hundreds who will take the field that day
  1861.  all the music that is played throughout the day on the field
  1862. the twist that jana makes when she hears here walk out to boot scootin boogie
  1863. To the joy and show of allie when “shake it fast” starts up
  1864. To this year Jeremiah waiting for the line “If I was the king of the world” being sung before he will hit and the “joy to the world” it brings to everyone when he hears it
  1865. Knowing that lucas is going to change up his song everytime and it is going to be an emotional one and I better be able to find a “clean” version fast
  1866. the dance celebration that Darrain is going to have when he comes home
  1867. And the fence jumping excitement that can only be our cokes when he come out and takes the field
  1868. Famalay and Isiah coming out more and more each game
  1869. alexa running after starting in a chair and growing taller and taller
  1870. seeing Allie just light up like the sun when she hears “roar”
  1871. Isaiah knowing every song and hearing the ball like a champ
  1872. Sincere running like the wind
  1873. Samantha making my day with conversation and hugs
  1874. The best co-announcer and friend anyone could ask for in Isaac
  1875. The absolutely humility in having these players honor me with their trust and care
  1876. The time spent with Mike and his inspiration from our opening to being next to me at games
  1877. For mike being a coach this year
  1878. For erin being a coach this year
  1879. For my friend and inspiration, David Morrison
  1880. For david’s coaching
  1881. For david Morrison consulting
  1882. For david being listed in the top 100 this year
  1883. For Erik reaching out to me and checking in on me on line
  1884. For watching these amazing players each week
  1885. For tip harris helping to sing with whitney Houston the national anthem
  1886. For the team sponsors
  1887. Wilmington rotary d’backs
  1888. Osprey global solutions
  1889. 828 church
  1890. Parks Company
  1891. OT Solutions
  1892. Country Club of Landfall
  1893. All of Health and Applied Human Services coming out week after week to buddy
  1894. UNCW student volunteers
  1895. UNCW Baseball volunteers
  1896. UNCW Women’s Soccer Volunteers
  1897. UNCW Womens’ Softball Volunteers
  1898. Southeastern Freightliners
  1899. The campagna family
  1900. Peggy olsen
  1901. Olsen field
  1902. The McKenize Picnic Shelter
  1903. The Warhauser Dugout
  1904. Trot and Kathryn Nixon
  1905. Brax Stadium and Pete
  1906. Access of Wilmington board
  1907. Project soar
  1908. Access fit
  1909. Access fit and Cross fit
  1910. Access fit and Longwave Yoga
  1911. Project Soar Yoga
  1912. Hook Line and Paddle and Project soar
  1913. All the group homes
  1914. The leadership and resilience of Hayley Sink
  1915. The leadership and care of Maiya Alston
  1916. The veterans being served by Access
  1917. The miracle field itself
  1918. The miracle Kiwanis playground
  1919. The thousands of children using the region’s ground breaking accessible playground
  1920. The families and players all around the miracle field who come over to witness inclusion on any given Saturday
  1921. The families and players who stop and salute each time we play the national anthem
  1922. The Gregory memorial flag
  1923. The seacoast realty Coldwell banker, alpha mortage announcer booth
  1924. The Anderson field house
  1925. The hotdogs on every Saturday
  1926. The celebration each Saturday at the end of each game with “we are family”
  1927. Being able to coach a little from the micro phone as each player hits
  1928. The celebration of watching each player use their ability to participate
  1929. Watching Larry, well into his late 70s have access to this after a life without
  1930. The swann sisters
  1931. The bozart sisters
  1932. The t-ball league
  1933. Seeing our youngest players just have a ball
  1934. The collective chaos and joy of the t-ball players
  1935. Playing the great music from the t-ballers
  1936. Watching a players give up the t and want a pitch
  1937. The amazing and patient and kind pitchers we have who are so attentive and responsive
  1938. For Ms. Valerie being out week after week selling merchandise no matter what
  1939. For the new “baseball” cards for each player to let the buddies know more about them
  1940. For the amazing organization of Maiya and how well everything goes and is prepared
  1941. For the new sound system
  1942. For finally have a contract
  1943. Taking such care for each family member and their player
  1944. The message of inclusion
  1945. The miracles in motion race
  1946. Having a race that is 100 percent inclusion
  1947. Having the first race in the region that was and is 100 percent inclusion
  1948. Being allowed to be the announcer for the race
  1949. Having great weather for the race
  1950. Having the race on opening day this year
  1951. Having great folks to give prizes for the race
  1952. Seeing players of all abilities be awarded top honors
  1953. Having amazing sponsors for the race
  1954. The laymon group
  1955. Nhrmc
  1956. American Property Experts and Jason and Shannon Thompson
  1957. Coastal Carriers and Wayne Ray
  1958. Seeing wayne run with everyone else
  1959. Enjoy being able to celrbate the day with others
  1960. For chad laymon and his children coming out to be with all
  1961. For the days this year that have brought a new level of awarenss, health and growth
  1962. Wiliness to keep moving forward with listening to growth
  1963. Willingness to become a vegan
  1964. Willingness to use the health app each day
  1965. Willingness to take the vitamins and meds each day
  1966. Willingness to keep finding ways to exercise and move forward
  1967. Willingness to let go of people and things that stand in the way of being unhealthy
  1968. Willington to see stress and act to move in a way that will address it
  1969. Willingness to be a new part of the solution and keep listening and being aware
  1970. Willingness to not beat up but be positive when I not perfect
  1971. Loving the taste and flavor of this part of the journey
  1972. Creating new ways of integrating new neural pathways and sparking them together
  1973. Surrounding myself with people who care about me in this way and reinforce this way of being
  1974. The people who give me so much support and love
  1975. The life that I can give back for the life I am given
  1976. The joy I am feeling in new and powerful ways
  1977. the accountability at a level I have never had in my adult life
  1978. the level of blessings I feel
  1979. For the reality but the positive way I can and do move through no matter what is going on
  1980. For the creation of each moment
  1981. For the chance to embrace what is happening and see it through
  1982. To feel much, so much more of this in my body
  1983. The way this life is playing out a day at a time
  1984. The revelation of the gifts amid the issues and how it all comes together
  1985. Truth, forthright conversation and true care
  1986. So much love that can be seen everywhere when the distractions of negativity are everywhere trying to vie for notice
  1987. The grace that is drawing breath
  1988. The grace that is being alive
  1989. The grace that is being a part of this life
  1990. The true essence of what is part of my worth in all of it
  1991. So many who ran who see inclusion as the way forward
  1992. Being able to announce time and see the victory for all
  1993. Working with some of the finest people I have ever known
  1994. Seeing Nothing is more important than love
  1995. Being granted life on the waking of a new day
  1996. Living one day at a time
  1997. For knowing hope is not the absence of reality but an anticipated opportunity the possible in all circumstances.
  1998. Being able to type this
  1999. The time to make this possible
  2000. This time to reflect and share

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