Monday, November 26, 2018

Shell Scultpure Gallery

Every shell I collect on Wrightsville beach is a moment of peace. It is a revelation of being present in the moment. For me, it is the discovery of beauty and as I "see" each one that I pick up, my heart is full, my breath is clear, and I am filled with a peace that transports me away from everyday problems.

Each shell once inhabited life. Its beauty covered the seas and was formed, over time, with each layer, by the process of making something that would house, safety, and security for it's inhabitant. 
Once it's occupant was gone, it is released into the waves, the energy of the Atlantic. And by a miracle it washes up in tidal moments for us to discover. 

I learned a while ago that for years I had been walking by so many of these shells. I needed to stop. To listen. To be patient. To pay attention. It was not so much about looking as it was about letting them show themselves to me. Because, unlike other beaches, on the Atlantic, where the waves crash hard and the currents run fast, shells rarely find their way to us whole..but in pieces of beauty that we must enjoy.

In these works, I have taken these pieces and assembled them in the spirit in which I found them. 
Some as relics. Some as spirits. Some as angels. Some, just as collections. 

It is my hope that you will enjoy them. Not just as aesthetic pieces to look at, but also, to touch. These are tactile pieces, meant to be enjoyed the same way as when you pick a shell up and feel it under your fingertips. There is an energy, a connection there and one that is lovely. 

Each of these pieces is held in a special grout and framed in a pure wood frame. There are no chemicals are sealants on the shells to keep the natural color. 

I am selling these pieces to raise money for things we support so that I can share the joy of collecting these, I can share the joy of these finds from our Wrightsville Beach, and this joy can come full circle back to go to things we care about that go good in the world. 

If you see one that you like, just message me at and let me know and we will arrange delivery. Paypal or check. 

Sold "Annointed" 5x7 35.00
"Gather at the Cross" 8x10 50.00

"Angels have not borders" 7x7 45.00
"Jumping Rope in the Moonlight" 35.00 5x7
"Garden Party Spirit" 5x7 35.00
8x10 " "There is no easier softer way" 50.00
8x10 "Butterflies in Sping"   50.00
SOLD "Faith, Hope, and Charity" 8x10 50.00
8x10 "Have your Six" 50.00
5x7 "Spirit of Grace"  35.00
5x7 "All the feels"   35.00
8x10   "Radiant"  50.00
:the oracle  5x7 35.00
"dancing in the reeds" 7x7  45.00
"trumperter in the clouds"  5x7 35.00
SOLD 7 x 7 "Purple Rain"   40.00
SOLD "Design Perfection" 5x7 35.00
"Royal Spirits"   50.00 8x10
"the passion"   5x7 35.00

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